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Bulged Disc and Reversal of Cervical Lordosis
aheilmann posted:
I've found a culprit for a lot of the headaches I've been having. Do any of you have similar problems?

Decreased disc space height anteriorly. At least minimal left neural foranimal narrowing. Moderately large left extrusion with minimal cord deformation (c5-6).
C5-6 (moderately large left extrusion with minimal cord deformation. No abnormal signal.)

I have two appointments this week with neurosurgeons to figure out what my best options are. I have not yet had my second opinion with a rheumatologist so I still don't know if I have Fibro or arthritis.

Just wondering if anyone else out there is dealing with this.
dollbug responded:
Hello and welcome.....MiMi in have an interesting post, to say the very least....and I say this because I use to have a lot of headaches until I had cervical (neck) surgery....and at the time I had this, it was due to the pain in my shoulder down my arm and all the way to my hand and fingers....I have had carpal tunnel problems for several years and have had 7 surgeries....2 of which were for broken wrists where I fell down outside and broke them at separate times...
Only when I did this did I finally get something that helped my hands...(I do not understand this but I do know that I have plates and pins now in both of them to hold things in place)...

I had neck issues from a car accident years ago....but when I started having shoulder issues....I did not have any neck pain...but according to the neurosurgeon who did my surgery, my neck was a mess...and I did get instant relief from the shoulder and arm pain when he performed the surgery on my neck. It was indeed a rough surgery and recovery for me to go through but it was well worth it. I had gotten to the place where I could not even use my right hand...(could not even wash my hair and brush my teeth without so much pain)...

I had headaches for a long time though even before this. Once I had the surgery my headaches, for the most part, just disappeared....but I had not even *connected* them to this...I always did a lot of computer work and just thought that this was the connection to having bad headaches.

I hope that you have a good neurosurgeon who will find the root of your problem here and be able to fix it.
As with anything else it does take time.

Take care and good luck...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
Well it sounds that are reading the report?

I am going to talk from my heart here......I have a cervical issue from lifting patients for so many years in my career in ICU and I once was on the hunt to have the neck fused so that I could have some peace from the headaches and numb hands that I have in the morning and lack of range of motion that goes with its instability.

Some one who really cared for me sat and said. "Nan, if they fuse you in an OUT position or fibers are not right, you will suffer the rest of your life. No therapy, chiropractic, massage, exercise, heat over the door traction collar usage etc. NONE of that will matter, as you will be "glued" in that position.

So the thought of that just held me back to continue using all the non surgical approaches I could use. Remember when you go to a surgeon he is going want to go to a naturopath he will add supplements, go to a chiropractor he will adjust.....they use the tools they have in their bags.

I hope you have a good Internist that will guide from the heart. Many don't give you to chiropractic but bulged discs can be assisted in that modality. A GOOD ONE. A referred one from a trusted person you know. Get as many second, third fourth opinions that you can. Look into many modalities of care.

I am very glad I didn't do it. I use a neurologist and do trigger point therapy to maintain my neck muscles and have lost the headaches and do well for me.

You are not me but I share this stary as mine and am not telling you to not have surgery, I just want to share the negative that can happen. I just couldn't take the chance and glad I didn't. All my best and good luck, Nancy B
dollbug replied to booch007's response:
Nana B.....don't know exactly what the neurosurgeon did to me....other than to work on several of my discs...he put something in mine....but I can not remember just what is was....I have no restrictions whatsoever though....except to never go to a neck movement is normal though...I no longer have any popping and cracking....which I use to have (and it hurt when it did this)...

I have read horror stories about people who actually have more pain after surgery than before surgery....OMG...can you imagine this? Not a good thing for the mind or the body...

I again will say that recovery was say the very least....and I have very little scars from both the parathyroid and cervical surgeries....

This is kind any other thing....what works for one may or may not work for another...and the sad thing is we never really know what may or may not work....

A good surgeon, I think, is the actually any kind of surgery...those who botch operations should NOT be allowed to continue....*my opinion*....

Take care.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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