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    fibro pain
    smittysgrl2565 posted:
    am having issues with the medicines the doctor and i have tried for my fibromyalgia. between allergies and bleeding ulcer my doctor is running out of options. i have been on Savella, Cymbalta,Loritab,Pristique and i am now on Gabapentin. i am having muscle spasms after being on this for about 2 weeks any suggestions would be helpful.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    The bleeding ulcers defenitly cuts down some choices in the NSAIDS group , like my Motrin I love.....but I didn't see you trying a muscle relaxant?

    Some use flexeril here, I use Soma it is a two for one pill, a sedative and then muscle IT was so helpful to take in the night to sleep better and then I needed to repeat in the a.m. for morning stiffness. Plus the memory foam topper for the bed.....

    I also am on the savella but I only use the 12.5mg tablet it is so helpful. LESS is MORE in my world. I have honed the tools to be quite active and a little life going here.

    I remember Dr P here talking of Clonazepam ( cousin of valium) being helpful. This is an avenue you might want to try...pick the discussions under Dr P. Yes there 674 of them, but there is alot of help among those lines.....

    Maybe use the "search this community" Dr P: _____bla bla and write a question and see if it brings you to his comment.

    The other thing is to look in resources under "members Toolbox" and see if you match somethng there....

    The hardest part of this disease is two fold I feel. First to match a doctor to hear you and understand this disease and then the "right mix" of meds to help.

    At this time I am on Soma 350, Tramadol 37.5- 75mg, Savella 12.5, avapro150 (b/p) Vit B Complex, 2000IU of Vit D (afer prescription) Magnesium 250 2x a day, Calcium. Motrin is my break through med. When I go over the edge it is repeat the muscle relaxant and tramadol or use motrin.

    Along with that I do many many NON MEDICAL things to feel better. The most important med I take is "distraction" That's why I had trouble during the hurricaine............heat and hot showers, massage all help me to survive with a smile here. Attitude and learning to "dance with this" and not fight it so much is BIG and it is about 15 years of this wrestle to finally get a dance down....

    The pressure change with the hurricaine hurt me, but I lost distraction and my pain levels and crankiness hit an all time high.......(even I didn't want to be with me!)

    So, I offer to you another suggestion look into this book :FM and Chronic myofascial Pain; A survival manual by Dr Devin Starlanyl and Dr Copeland. 19.99 on BEST BOOK I invested in and I have quite a library.

    It teaches you cause and effect in a way to undersatnd and how to use tools to feel better and eat better and hydrate....
    I also own Dr Travell's medical book that my Neurologist uses..very dry reading but when I bought that I WAS DESPARATE to figure out what has happened to me...........

    So good luck, here is some homework for you and i hope it helps. We are all different in this dysfunction so a fix for one is not the same for another, your path will be your own trial and error. I am sorry it is not easier on you or your doctor.

    As a nurse I have have tried so hard to get a handle on this and so have the others is so complex an issue. The human body is amazing in ability to heal itself and to get screwed when jewlery is all knotted in the box...that's how I feel this is. It takes TIME to unravel each chain and figure it out. Most never getting there .

    Good luck, post often with your 24/7 somebody is always around....well may not in hurricaines!

    Take care, Nancy B
    smittysgrl2565 replied to booch007's response:
    thank you sorry it took so long to get back. i am having another issue but i dont know if it is related or if it is another problem creeping its ugly head. i am having extreme pain armpits where breast tissue meet, oh and believe me i mean REAL sore. i am very high risk for breast cancer also so i am a little worried. i had a mammo & sono in august but they dont cover that area & i know you can get breast cancer in that area i do have a dr. appt on the 4th but you know curiosity. i would appreciate any ideas.
    oh & my dr. i think he sees me as kind of a logic puzzle "dont quite know how to fix it but if we keep trying it will all come together" lol
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to smittysgrl2565's response:
    Hi Smittysgrl,

    It's good you'll be seeing your doctor. Is this a very new symptom for you or has it been going on for months?
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

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