Fibromyalgia and Arthritis together
reed1946 posted:
I can not find and help with both. It is hard to go to one and find answers that I can not do because it bothers the other or both are acting up at the same time. Any Help?????
georgia888 responded:
Hello reed1946,
Is it osteoarthritis (OA) that you suffer from along with fibro? If so, it's a common combination. I have both & the fibro exacerbates the pain of the OA.

We all respond differently to treatments but I will share with you what helps me:

1) keep your weight down; unwanted pounds place a burden on joints with OA.
2) warm water pool therapy; the body is more flexible in the water & can move in ways that are too difficult on land; I have been able to postpone hip replacement surgery because I visit the pool daily.
3) I'm not big on meds but do take two aspirins a day; I eat well & take many vitamin/mineral supplements - some that may help with our condition: magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, glucosamine condroitin, 5-HTP (helps with sleeping), vitamin C, L-Lysine.
4) try to stay positive.

WebMD also has an osteoarthritis community which you may want to visit as well. These websites are a form of therapy for me in that it's so nice to share our problems with others who understand. Become as educated as possible on these conditions by researching online, etc.

I hope this was helpful.

jmorr responded:
Hi reed
Like so many others out there, FM is not the only problem that we are dealing with...Me personally, Im dealing with RA and OA, DDD in the back. I have some nerve damage and i suffer from depression and major sleep issues. and for me, its finding the right kind of meds...the most important thing is finding the right drs....I have tried all kinds of meds and i think i have finally found the right cocktail...But i also agree with excercise, and eating right...certain foods reduce inflamation, like sweet potatoes, and I LOVE sweet potatotes....not yams, but can do alot of research and just find what works for you...Also, for me the most important thing is getting sleep...That above anything else seems to help with ALL my symptoms, even the pain....dont get me wrong, i have good and bad days, but you just have to find what makes YOU happy and try to think positively which in itself is hard....Well, hang in there and have an awesome night!!!