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stargazer59 posted:
I've had fibro for many years without a diagnosis. Always wondered and told my dr that I thought I had it but he never agreed. Shortly after my husband passed away I became very ill and was then diagnosed with fibro by my dr. This was due to strees, anxiiety and depression that brought an attack. I thought I was dying. I would become so weak and hurt. Everything hurt, especially in the winter and when it rained. Summer was wonderful. Swimming in a warm pool was great and it relieved my pain so much and sitting in the warm sun helped. I heard that vitamin D was good for fibro. I am thankful that I know what I have now and I always thought I had it too with RLS for many years. I am also a surviver of breast cancer and it worrys me when I have an attack of fibro pain cause it makes me feel like the cancer is back, i've been in remission for 14 years. I dread the winter months, but now I know ways to handle the pain. Dr. put me on an low dose anti-depressant but I am afraid to take it. Not sure how it will affect me. Any suggestions.
booch007 responded:
Good morning and welcome to the fmily,

Sad to always welcome a newbie as we are growing in numbers all the time. So many don't come here either.

I too took years before I put an antidepressant in my mouth. I just kept saying the brain chemistry is screwed up enough I don't want to play with it more. Well, it was helpful to me when I was given the right one.

Cymbalta was my first and it was an awful experience and so was neurontin (for neuropathy pain) for me. I take a baby Savella...a tiny blue pill 12.5mg (50mg twice a day is standard) BUT I only need you see keep an eye on yourself when you decide to begin.

My lows with this is when I hurt so much or my body is saying *no* and the mind is saying YES.....frustration brings me down.

You I am sure have re-invented yourself a few times over due to this. That is the plan...take small steps and re-invent yourself to survive. Tolerance is another word I will add here.

It is over 15years now I think I deal with this and I kept saying I would not take off the boxing gloves to give him one more inch of me......well I think this year I have begun to learn to dance with him. Dancing with our dragon just means that I don't fret about it so much. I wake up and he is there ALWAYS waiting...even at a nap...stiff and hurting, burning hands maybe a headache with an over the line moment.

But to get the meds right, the habits perfected so as to not push myself too much. This takes time. Acccepting a situation same thing. There will be a time you may lows outway my norms or that the pain is higher and staying there...the antidepressant helps with the "seratonin" level (your happy chemicals) so you don't reabsorb them and there are more bathing the brain to "be happy"

In a nutshell. For me, my savella increases norepinephrine (like epinephrine) (which is your fight or flight chemical) It also inhibits reabsorption of seratonin and pain is less. So they are approaching this as a chemical imbalance in our brains to help with our sensations.

I hope you come to a balance with this dilemma. It really was years I fought with a friennd of mine who wanted me on something. Cymbalta near killed me and it wasn't til my doc retired and the new doc sat with me and said...take the literature on this med and try it...start slow. I never got past one beginning dose tablet BUT IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I call it my little bow on the box!

I take alot of Vitamins, supplements and Vit D as well.
Check out the Members toolbox under resources for the ideas that fmily have posted over the years of tricks they did to be best, not Good luck and welcome again.
Nancy B
dollbug responded:
Hello and glad that you have found this unique FM support group....sorry that you are having to deal with so much...MiMi in NC....I am sure you will soon find some good tools and tips here that will perhaps help you cope ever does take a trial and error process....and taking the anti depressant might help you, if you find the right one....there is no magic pill that works for all of us FMers....I tried several anti depressants...but really did not find any of them that I thought helped me enough without causing side effects...(as my doctor thought that in the beginning I was only depressed-but this was not the case, as he soon found out)....

You will never know what might help you though unless you try things....some will no doubt not be a good fix for you...but you just might find something that really works well for is indeed a process and it takes at least 6-8 weeks before you might be able to actually works....

I, like Nana B, take a lot of vitamins and supplements...I do not take any prescriptions daily but I do have muscle relaxers to use when I need took me a long time to figure out just the right combination of things that I could do that would help my pain...

I take the following....Fibro Response or Magnesium Malate (found at vitamin stores)...Super B Complex Vitamin, Omegas, a good multi vitamin with extra D...and Calcium...I also take others since I have other health issues as well...but these are the ones which help my FM pain the most...

I also use a heating pad as needed....stopain spray (found at walmart) when I need it....(and this is good stuff)...take a hot shower at night when I am so tired...using lavender bath salts which help my body to relax...right before bedtime....(Stopped up drain)...

I also have to sleep in a recliner....not by choice...but to keep my pain level lower....something to do with the spine...

The wrath of the dragon is a very mean and ulgy illnesses....and it waxes and wanes....and it is never predictable....(I hate this - since I never know from time to time how I may or may not feel)....

Stress and lack of sleep also affect my pain level a lot....and there are times when I can do nothing about this....which is not good for the mine or the body...

Some people have found mattress foam toppers to be good for you might also try something like this...

Keeping a schedule of sorts is also very important for me...going to bed and getting up around the same time, if possible...getting around the same time each day...doing gentle stretching or exercising....(GENTLE being so very important)...drinking plenty of water each day and watching what I eat...

OK...I think I have gotten long winded here....

This is a start...take care and good luck....


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..

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