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Working at MC Donalds and Fingerpain - I know that
Simran posted:
Hey Wolfsong,

you working at Mc Donalds and have that strange finger pain.

I m WOrking now at Mc Donalds since 5 weeks and since 3 days i have the same problem.

I woke up and i felt like my hand is sleeping.

Usually i know that feeling whenever i ve slept on my arm.

But that pain wouldnt get better.

I could not make a fist. and anyway my fingers felt like swelled. So i thought it must be a very low blood pressure.

But today i found out, that my collegue at mc donald has the same problem.
She told me it is the griller. Because of the heat and the electricity.

I am not sure if it is really from the electricity of the griller. ( since weeks i mainly stay at the grill).

Also i have ellbow and shoulder pain. That comes from the routinely movement with my hand like remove the meet from the griller or buns and and out with that tablets.
And i think as ellbow pain it goes to the hand as it is been mentioned here already few times.

It is not arthritis!
booch007 responded:
I am going to chime in here and guess it is due to repetative work. The muscles like to change off and when you do the same thing over and over it stresses and congests them.

The cause to my finger pain and base of the thumb pain is the forearm muscle. Check it out. Rub along it to look for a HOT spot. If you find it it needs massaging. Like in Carpal Tunnel you can inflame certain sheaths to the muscles and they tighten and that gives the feeling of swelling....and to the point of actually swelling if the entrapment is enough.

The arm pit area is another that can be troblesome for the arms and create the numbness we get,

In the book I use FM and Myofascial Pain , a Survival manual by Dr Devin shows so much and this issue and how to help yourself. I push on the zone and heat it, or ice it. Going with whatever feels better.

It is one of my bggest weak spots.

Hard to do certain tasks and not push those muscles. Dr P has taught us "arms stay home" meaning try to keep the elbows close to the lessens the stress when the arm is outreached.

So hard to re-invent orselves and do things different then eveyone else. Good luck. I know for me, I could not use that fryer and shake the basket at chest height and out above the grease well. Good luck. See if you can get the book on 19.99 and it will teach you some tricks and great information.

Also a strap (tennis elbow band) may help you for now. It supports the muscle not to pull against the forearm structures and lessens some of the symptoms. Pharmacies have em' ask a pharmacist. Wish I could draw on this site to point to the spot where this is probably coming from.

I wish you all the best to help this get under control..........
Nancy B

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