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Could it be Fibromyalgia?
kyliesmom posted:
I have had the same headache for 8 weeks and have been to ER and had MRI and Cat Scan that showed white matter changes but had me see a neurologist to rule out other things. She saw me Thursday and told me that it is not migraine but the nerve in the back of my head by my left ear was activated and put me on Nortryptaline. I am up to 30mg of the 50 mg and it helps but I still have days where I see spots, etc. Over the last few years I have had issues with burcitis in my hip muscle (not the joint) that shoots pains down my leg to my knee, ankle and toes. My ankles give out and toes tingle. I also have issues with feeling like my arms and legs and back by my shoulder blades need to they are sore and achy to a point of EXTREME discomfort. My hands also frequently tingle and go numb and I get random spasms in parts of my legs. I asked her the likelyhood of Fibromyalgia and she said it might be but with no definitive test to give me she couldn't say one way or another. I am wondering if I should see someone else specifically for Fibromyalgia or if these are not the right symptoms to have. Thanks for the help!!
katmandulou responded:
Hy kyliesmom, and welcome!

FM can be explained as a 'syndrome of elimination'. They have to test you for everything they can test you for - which includes MS and lupus - before they can diagnose you. I had blood test after blood teat, went through physical therapy for months, and never got better. Make sure your doc checks your trigger points, and tells you as she does it, 'cuz it will hurt!

We all see a different kind of doc. I see a rheumatologist; others see a neurologist or a pain specialist; I'm sure there are others who see other kinds of docs. If you're comfortable with your doc, stick with her. Headaches are usually not part of the diagnosis.

There are some good resources in the right-hand column. Also check out . There are some good tips for us, and you have to check out The Spoon Theory - it will help people understand what it's like to be in your body.

Have your doc check you for Vitamin D deficiency. Sounds simple, but we who live in the northern hemisphere are usually lacking in D.

Have the best day you can possibly have,

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