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Hepatitis B injection
crystalgreeneyes posted:
I understand the risk of reaction to Hepatitis B injection is very rare. Could there be a possible link to onset of fibro. after receiving this injection? I was required to get it many years ago in order to get a job at a hospital. Shortly after the 2nd shot, (didn't get the 3rd one) I began to have sore legs.this went on for weeks. I felt very tired as well. Then the pain began in my right knee. I had swelling and red blotchy patches in the area as well and it was very, very tender. I was in the hospital for one month while the docs tried to figure out what it was. I quit my job because I couldn't walk. After all the probing and all the tests and specialists, even a biopsy of my knee - the final diagnosis was "transient hepatitis". I have never been the same since.
booch007 responded:
I am sorry all this happened to you. But I think it was all coincidence. I was not right before I took the Hep B vaccines so I can't say anything on that. I had not change in my physical issues though.

I am sorry you also had transient hepatitis but maybe those test were altered by the immunization??

Good luck, Nancy B

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