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Fibromyalgia muscle spasms in neck and upper back
An_248953 posted:
Does anyone out there have these problems? Flexeril and Norco do not eradicate them. Any suggestions?
flowerp9358 responded:
Hey An I too have this problem. I have a neck heating pad and I also go to a chiropractor to get relieve. If you can afford a massage that is the most helpful. Hope this will help a little.or alot. God Bless you. I feel your pain. I also have started taking Savella and have been on this for about 2 months I can not believe the difference!! It has been a life changer.
finn2 responded:
A TENS unit works well for me and my insurance covered it,ask your doc about it, (I got it at my pain management doc's office) it's a little machine and you take it home with you. Electrical impulses help get rid of the pain, I had terrible pain in my shoulder blades and up my neck for years! and the TENS unit got rid of it within 3 days! Got RID of it! Now I use it if I feel it coming back.
slovene54 responded:
When my muscle spasms in neck and shoulders get so bad I will have trigger shots done which is novicane being shot in to bad spasm areas. Seems to relax my neck enough to stop the really bad spasms. Not fun to get but worth the relief. Other than that lots of stretches every day. I am constantly stretching my neck in hopes the bad spasms won't come back. I wish you luck in getting relief!

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