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    feeling alone
    dgoodw83 posted:
    im so tired of feeling like im alone i try to smile everyday make people happy thats around me but yet instill i get treated like noting im in pain everyday and try to do things to keep people from saying im lazy but i never seem to do enough
    1wareaglefan responded:
    Hello, dgoodw83....I'm sort of in a funk today myself, but I wanted to let you know that we understand! Fibro can be quite a lonely illness, and nobody understands except the others who have it.
    katmandulou responded:
    dgoodw83, I know exactly what you're saying!

    We all have good and bad days, and it sounds like you're having more bad than good. I have a few relatives who are always poo-pooing me, "you're not that sick," "I know people who have FM and they're bed-ridden" etc. When I try to explain that we all have different 'versions' of FM, they suck their teeth at me. I try to avoid these poisonous relatives, and most of the time I do.
    There are some good resources in the right-hand column that might help you cope. Also check out . There are some good tips for us, and you have to check out The Spoon Theory - it will help people understand what it's like to be in your body.

    Have your doc check you for Vitamin D deficiency. Sounds simple, but we who live in the northern hemisphere are usually lacking in D.

    Have the best day you can possibly have,
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Isn't it wonderful how everyone is an expert? This is a hard time of year to deal with. It's darker, colder, and it makes us feel even more alone. We have to learn to brush off those who we can't get to understand. It is tough. I do as much as possible every day and it isn't enough. Be content each day knowing you did your best. This keeps the stress lower and therfore the pain. Take care.
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    I know exactly what you are going through. People can say things that can hurt others without even knowing that their words can hurt so bad. I have family members that say things to me. A long time ago my house was never dirty. Now it is rarely clean. I can manage one room at a time. Then the next weekend I will try yo clean another room. By then the first room is dirty again.

    I was actually looking forward to the knee surgery I had November 1st. I thought finally I will have a reason to take it easy and no one will can tell me that I am being lazy. Boy was I wrong. The second day home everyone started telling me I needed to get up and do things. I had to tell them my doctor said to take it easy till I started P.T. They just look at me like I am lying. Thank goodness my sister who took me to the surgery told them what the doctor said.

    So I guess the unkind comments will never end. So I guess all of the FM'ers have to become thick skinned. You are in my prayers. I wish I say something that could make you fell better. Just remember that there are many FM'ers here that truly understand and care about you. I do not know how I would have managed without this website to visit.

    Soft hugs, Debbie
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    agrapina replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
    I had an ex Marine state that he didn't even want to be in my house because it didn't 'meet his standard of cleanliness'.

    It cut me to the quick because I was already sad that I could not meet my own standards. People think Fibro is just aches and pains that everyone has. If they could be in our bodies for one day....too bad it doesn't work like that.

    It's hard not to to feel alone with this illness. Only we who have it can understand what it feels like when everything we do takes such a huge effort.

    When people tell me that I don't look sick I tell them, "Maybe so, but I feel like Stephen Hawking looks".
    booch007 replied to agrapina's response:
    Wow what a come back!

    I am a lucky one. I have a champion in my life that has finally defended me to the "world". How did it happen..?? I brought my husband with me to the neurologist office just prior to my first trigger point injection session.

    NOT only did he see* the 60 injections I received but he also saw all the parts of me that weren't working......that were painful and in trouble.

    I have CMP a cousin I feel to FM. We share everything but fog.
    This all occuring after lifting patients for years in the hospital and then getting hurt with my neck with the last patient I touched. I will never forget that day.

    So, bring the family to a doctor visit to HEAR the doctor talk about the issue might help. It is not you defending you...
    I know he talked to my son' s as they were ruthless in making fun of me in the past. Now I am OK with all....a good day or a bad day, they all get it now. 10 years I am getting these injections and they are a strong thread to function for me.

    Also I bought a book called FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain, a suvival manual; by Dr devin Starlanyl and Copeland.....19.99 IT IS THE BEST investment you can it on is my bible for self help and also to show to anyone who doesn't get it* this is where the issue is right now and this is what I have to do to be better......try it, I think you can look in the book on the site a bit.

    I hope this might help you. Take them to the doctor with you.
    Say you need the company or help..and have them join in on the exam. Good luck...It is toug to ever explain to anyone NOT in theis position . Nancy B

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