Fibromyalgia and Aging
NKluz posted:
I have had fibro for 22 years and see the frequencies of my flare ups and the intensity of them increasing. Is this anyone else's experience?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi NKluz,

It felt that way for me for a while too. (I've had it for at least that long too.) My approaches to dealing with the pain are constantly evolving and whenever it seems like the flares are increasing, I realize I need to revamp things again.

What are you doing to help yourself combat your symptoms? Are you sure that everything you're feeling is due to Fibromyalgia or could something additional be going on?
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JudithKi responded:
Hi , I am 52 and was diagnosed in 2007 although I suspect I had it many years. i also have severe arthritis and have had 2 joint replacments and since these my fibro has increased to be chronic with very few to no painfree days, it has definatly become worse since these operations and menopause.
dgoodw83 responded:
well my not up in age but im feeling the intensity of my pain increasing everyday. i have to pull myself out of bed, to do my day to day house chores while in pain with the fatigue taking a toll over me also, but i dont want to seem lazy to my family but yet in still i never seem to do enough.
dgoodw83 replied to JudithKi's response:
prayers go out to you

also with hugs
NKluz replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi Caprice...thanks for the are where I am at...with reassessing and revamping. We have ruled out other problems. Meds I am currently on seem good, I have adjusted meds and vitamins recently. I am working with a PT and will be getting back into the gym. Have you seen changes in the fibro with age?
NKluz replied to JudithKi's response:
Hi Judith...Thanks for your ortho dr says I need a knee replaced...I do not have arthritis. Do you recommend joint replacement? I am sorry to hear how your fibro has evolved...and having relatives with severe arthritis, I see how hard it is, I wish you the best for a great holiday season and new year. Nini
NKluz replied to dgoodw83's response:
It is hard not only at home, but when you don't look sick...people don't understand. Hope you can lay on the couch and enjoy the will just have to go with it. Nini