Another day, another complaint....
foreversore posted:
  • SIGH* OK, sometimes feel like I only come here to complain. I wish I could be more positive and helpful but I am still waiting for the good days to outweigh the bad ones.

    As i am sure most of you know, in addition to FM, I have moderate.severe spinal OA and mild lumbar scoliosis. I also suffer from chronic migraines. All of my pain seems to blur together, each making the other worse yet I cannot distinguish where I hurt more or where I hurt less. For pain I am on Savella 50 mg BID and enough ibuprofen to damage the liver of an elephant. I can't even tell if the Savella is helping me at all because the pain in my head and neck and back is so severe.

    Let me start out by telling you what has been tried that DIDN'T work
    *Norco 7.5/750
    *Rx Naprosyn
    *Rx ibuprofen
    *Flexeril TID
    *PT 5 days a week with home exercises 7 days a week.

    Now after 4 different doctors dealing with my back/neck I am on my 5th with the pain management clinic. Their ONLY option for me is epidurals. I had my first lumbar epidural on Thursday. I was miserable when he did the injection and my pain has been double since it was done. His nurse called me today and changed the "you should feel better in 3-4 days" to "well it takes 7-10 days to take effect and extra pain should be expected" and "it may take 2-3 injections to this area before you notice improvement" OK so here is MY big question...if you know its going to cause me MORE pain than before and it is going to be a WHILE before I get any relief THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU PRESCRIBE ANY PAIN MEDICATION AND WHY REFUSE MY REQUEST FOR SOME???????? I am supposed to go in for a cervical epidural on Monday and I am so terrified to do it. I am already in agony and if that shot is gonna make me even more worse then what do I do after that?

    I wish I could go somewhere else for treatment. I wish I had more options, but I am on medicaid and in my state a specialist will only see medicaid patients with a referral nad by doctor shopping it makes all of the other doctors feel as though I am an addict and only want the meds for pleasure and not actual relief. I have offered to take weekly drug tests, told them they could take blood, hair or urine whatever they were comfortable with and yet I am still denied. I am also not sure my antidepressant is working and I am not on anything for anxiety although I think I should be as psychotherapy hasn't been helpful in controlling that either.

    I am at my wits end. I want to scream and cry and pull all of my hair out! I am so tired of the pain and the burning raw nerve feeling. I am tired of ALWAYS being uncomfortable no matter what I do and I am tired of always being exhausted yet unable to sleep. I seriously feel as though I am losing my mind and not ONE of my doctors feels the need to do anything about it! I really don't know what to do next, where to turn, I am completely at a loss....
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    lb707 responded:
    Replace the scoliosis with stenosis and you have just described me if you throw in some feet issues.

    For me tramadol for pain something for anxiety with a healthy diet and lost of fruit and veggie smoothies have helped. So I must be fortunate......I do either a yoga/pilates tape for pain or work out on pitaltes reformer. I also take a mixture of fish oil and flaxseed with a few other supplements for joints and bones. Not perfect but with pacing it helps.

    I am fourtunate not to be working now as I do spend a lot of time home except to take care of my aged Mother.

    If screaming doesn't help journal all the bad stuff and then work on relaxation and calming down the body parts that takes practice that some days I refuse to do it so I choose to rant and rave on those days!