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An_248988 posted:
Hey.. I have had a bruise on my shin since June. After that I keep getting random ones all over my legs, mostly on my shins and then scattered on my thighs. None have gone away. It's been 5 months I'm a little scared. I always have headaches and often find myself dizzy but other than that I feel fine. The bruises aren't bumps they're just a dark green spot. I went to the dr in August for blood tests everything was fine it only showed I was slightly anemic. But the temp dr said to show my dermatologist. So I did, on November 1st and he didn't like them but couldn't give me an answer an told me to go back and get more tests. So idid today, and my dr couldn't even answer what it was or why it was happening. So she is referring me to a blood specialist at another hospital. I'm scared. Should I be?

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dollbug responded:
Hello....MiMi in NC....and I wanted to share something with you....several years ago my DH and I were working out in our storage building...the floor needed to be replaced...and we were working on doing this...I feel through a rotted section of it...I did not fall far but I bruised my ankle/shin area was a very bad and big bruise on it and it stayed for over 2 eventually faded and went away...but it took this long to do was also sore the entire time.

I did not break anything (thank goodness for this)...but it did concern me.

Have you tried to soak the area in epsom salts? That might help and make a difference.

I have learned that our bodies can do very weird and strange things sometimes...and there is nothing that we can do about some things...

Take care and good luck...


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lb707 replied to dollbug's response:
When I bruise it is bad and lasts forever......I can not tell you the number of Dr's who have tested my blood count and other tests to no avail.

I was told by one Dr. it could be thin skin, fragile skin or fibro. Needless to say I stay away from any meds that cause bruising or bleeding if at all possible.

When I was younger told it was lack of Vit C it is a miracle I did not over dose on it. Still at 61 can turn into bruise city.

forgetful88 responded:
katmandulou responded:
If you're concerned, see your doc. It might cost a co-pay, but if you don't remember whacking yourself stay the course. The blood specialist will look for something deeper than your regular doc will look for..

My yoga instructor recommends arnica cream to get rid of bruising, for what it's worth.

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