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Hi Yall... Ready for my appointment???
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
Hi... Physically ready for my appointment... Mentally could hold off another year or two... Seems like every time they do a test they find something new to worry about... Even if they aren't looking there lol... Did a CT for my stomach and came back with water in my lungs lol... I told the Dr that he was suppose to be looking at my tummy not my lungs lol...

I went to the neurologist and he told me I have Parkinson's Disease... I told him I didn't I just subconsciously moved all the time so my arms, hands and legs didn't get stiff from all the other junk I had... lol... He didn't think it was funny and I was being truthful... That is exactly what I thought... Outside of occasionally jerking and throwing things across the room or kicking someone I thought I was exercising and it was completely normal... Stupid huh... Delusional huh... mmmmmm... Rather living in another world huh...

Oh well... such is the day in my life lol... mmm... Forgot my early morning meds must run and get them so I can take my 9:30 meds on time... I will be all screwed up if I get much later... and then my day is totally off kilter... brb..

kk... done now my early morning is complete... My babysitter has arrived... I have half an hour to get my water bottle, fill it up, get my bag packed, and go sit in the driveway to wait for my van... I like my van but don't like the waiting lol... But they aren't too long usually... And they all know me well... It is about the only socializing I get now lol...

Thanksgiving is coming so fast... Then Christmas... Wow... this yr went so fast... Looking back it was a rough yr one I will be glad to put behind me... I will bet next yr holds a lot of the same lol... Oh well... Such is a day in my life...

I look forward to December when my oldest son returns... It will be wonderful to have both son's here again... They love to drive me up the wall... And do a good job of it... But it helps the depression and stress level a lot... It is hard to be down with 2 clowns around...

Well... best go get ready...

Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
How did it go, Jan?
We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell

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