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    Sunday****11/18/2012 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily.....MiMi in NC...where it is a cold morning....and it is going to be even colder soon....I think we have a very cold front headed this way....well, it is Thanksgiving I guess it is time for really cold weather to least, for now, it is dry...DH did get part of the leaves up yesterday...but there are still plenty of them down and all of them have not fallen off of the trees is odd also because I have no trees in my yard....but lots of leaves...the wind just blows them everywhere...and since I had a fenced in yard...once they land...they are trapped....until DH finds time to get them up...

    We had a nice church dinner last night...DH fried several turkeys and they turned out really good...never thought I would really like deep fried turkey...funny as we have always baked them up until a few years ago...when the trend started, I guess...I still bake mine when I fix them for the family....nothing better than turkey and dressing with all of the trimming and good things to go with it... we are now in the official Thanksgiving week....the black Friday sales have already begun...or so it seems...everyone wants to make sure they do not get stuck with a lot of things left over...a good time for people to shop for good deals perhaps...especially if you have something that you have been looking is the time...

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group...I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope does take time and effort to figure out just the right combination of *tools and tips* that might do the hang in here...learn all you can as it is a process for anything and everything to do with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM...soon, as Nana B says, you will learn how to *dance with the dragon, instead of draggin the dragon....

    I still think vitamins and supplements are the best tools that I have found....and as long as I try to stay on somewhat of a schedule I find that these work for me....I am still trying to find something to help with the chronic fatigue....but so far I have not found it...

    A heating pad also works for me....for any aches and pains that I am dealing with...cold packs do nothing for me...I am a heat person...and I do use the Stopain Spray some...when all else fails I use this..

    For the new members I hope you will take the time to check out the *tips* and *resources* that you will find to the right of this page...and there are some good questions and comments on the WebMD answers...which is a new feature...

    I hope everyone had a good night's sleep is so very important to us FMers....I am a different person when I get my sleep and is so good for the mind and the body as well.

    I hope everyone will have a good safe and stay warm.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    mnjeepguy responded:
    I never quite understood the black Friday thing. Some people love the craziness. I usually sit back and giggle. So much to deal with to save few bucks. I just don't have the energy for that.

    Normally we do not let the Bassets on the furniture. This morning I am nice and cozy with two cute hounds. I think we are both being spoiled. Mable is curled up like a little baby on my right, Buster is stretched out on the left. Good therapy as I am not feeling good this morning.

    Today I hope to do another school book. I finished one last night that I was going to finindh today so I am slightly ahead. Good progress for this weekend.

    I hope you all enjoy the day, pace yourselves, I need to work on this myself. Take care everyone.

    KMT333 responded:
    Good morning. I am paying the price today for doing too much this week. I'm definitely draggin' the dragon today. What a great description. Thank you for that and for your consistency in reaching out, Mimi.

    I want so much to give in to the pain and exhaustion today and just hibernate. But I'll get my butt in gear in a little while and go to church. We have an amazingly talented trumpet player as a guest for some special music this morning, and when he plays, I close my eyes, hear the beautiful music and for a few minutes I feel no pain. It's totally worth getting out of the house today to go hear him play.

    I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday.
    KMT333 replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Cory, I can relate. I'm frequently cozied up on the couch or bed with at least one snuggly dog. Aren't they great?
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Sunday MiMi, Cory and all. I hope your day goes well and that you don't have any fibro pain or issues to deal with.

    This will be a short post as DH is home and due upand outta bed any second.

    I had to up my Gabapentin this past week, knew I would,
    Am now taking it twice a day, and I am holding at 300 each time. 600 3 times a day last January and February nearly did me in. The weight gain and sleepiness were terrible. UGH.

    The sinus infection is clearing, but oh so slowly. I still have stuffiness and a sore throat. The eyes are better so I guess the eye drops twice a day are working and the ear drops 2 times a day as well. So some relief all the way around, but still wishing it were summer and I were infection free and felt NO fibro issues.

    It was cold last night, 30, so the fire place was on, so pretty to fall asleep with, but today it will be a sunny 64. A cold 38 tonight, but then back up to 65 tomorrow. Sweet for mid November. DH plans to spend part of our today putting up the Christmas lights ( not turn them on until Dec 1ST ) but not the Christmas decorations yet. That we'll leave for the day after thanksgiving. Reason DH is willing to be out of doors doing the lights is his Tennessee Titans are on a bi week so he has a few extra Sunday hours to do things out of doors and today will be such a pretty day to be out there.

    We went thru the out door lights last night and made sure they all worked. Our out door dears tho, their white and lighted, are not working fully now so they most likely will have to replace. I really liked them, we have had them four or five years now, and they are so lovely out underneath out bay window, but if only half a deer lights up and it's the head and front legs, well ya just need to get a new one. LOL And since they were a pair ya need to get two new one. Anyway I have wanted to get some new out door Christmas things for awhile so now will be the year I guess. But I did love those pretty deers.

    I got the bird feeders up yesterday and I had to make two trips to LOWES to get the right feed for the small birds. ( The first bag I bought was moldy. UGH. ) I have the seed for the Cardinals and blue Jays, but the finche seed I had run out of. So with the feeders now up for the birds our cat now sits on the top of our recliner looking out the windows waiting for birds to come to feed, so far she's been disapointed and come up empty handed. But I am sure she'll be rewarded with some to look at in a day or two and I am also sure we will be dealing with squirrels soon enough. UGH. Their such pests.. they eat our out of door veggies in the summer and our bird seed in the winter. Cute as they are I wished they lived in another neighborhood.

    Cory, I don't see the point of black Friday either. I can get most things on line right now with lower or nearly as low black Friday sale pricing and most likely will. So I won't be going out getting black Friday sale deals. DH however being up early most days to go out to go to work at 4 will. He always, and I mean always, gets his shoes on black Friday and on the two state Sale Tax Free weekends each year. So he'll be getting those and if he gets there early enough he'll get his 50 dollar store gift card, which he uses to buy me somethng, so for him, theres the thrill of the deal and getting free stuff. Me getting the sleep is more important.

    MiMi, I will be cooking Wed for Thanksgiving. I will be making home made bread like Nancy. I make most of the holiday things from scratch. Time consuming but worth it. I too went to deep fried turkey, but really like in the over better so that's this year's turkey's fate.

    angelswife, you over did didn't you? And you fell on top of that. Glad you are okay, but sorry you are sore. Please DF take it easy. Will call you this week.

    Okay am going to close this here. Sending <<< air hugs >>> to all. Have a great day.. feel well.
    Gentl hugs, Linda R
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Mimi!
    I wrote a nice long post this morning, and it completely vanished. I was too tired to try a second time. I don't think I overdid it yesterday, though...the "monthly visitor" is on the way, just in time for the holiday. So I've been feeling tired and flarey all day.

    I noticed when I'm flaring the nerve damage in my ankle acts up a lot more. The pain is worse and I get more episodes of paralysis in my foot. My ankle is also more likely to give out on me with no warning, even with the brace on. That happened twice at church this morning and I almost fell.

    That is the most frustrating part of the nerve damage. I'd really like to get to where I don't need the brace any more. But my hopes of being out of it anytime soon have faded. As long as my ankle is unstable like that, I will need to wear it, and use the cane too. I'm glad I have a few months before spring comes! As long as things are better by then I won't worry too much.

    The craft fair went well, although we didn't get a lot of business. My biggest sale was to another crafter there---she couldn't decide between four hats, so she bought all of them. Then she came back and bought one for her mom. So I did sell a few. This weekend's craft fair is bigger, so I should do better. I am making some holiday hats this week for that one. They are black and white with a string of crocheted Xmas lights on them. I also want to finish up a blanket and a shawl so I have some extra things to sell.

    Husband has started a cold, and I've been dealing with a lingering sinus and ear infection. I don't want to go back on antibiotics because I just finished them a week ago. I am trying to stay out of his way, but it's hard when you live with each other. I will have to load up on the Vitamin C this week because we'll be seeing the kids for Thanksgiving. Mom doesn't leave them home if they're sick.

    Not much else to say...Hope everyone had a good weekend!
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Well we ended up buying new LED Christmas lights today and guess where they are already? On the tree. We picked up a new fake tree last week. The prelit one we had was only good for a couple years. I hate the amount of time it takes to put it together and get the branches straight. It was nice that one of the boys and the wife did a large part of it. It helped some. As we speak the one of the female cats it trying to climb it already.

    It was a gruelling day for me physically, but still a good day. I wish I could figure myself out. I don't know what set off this round but it is deffinately not a good one. I hope this little three day work week ahead goes well.

    It does look like it is going to be a pleasantly warm week after tomorrow. I hope you all have a good Monday tomorrow. Take care.

    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,
    Coming in early Monday....

    Off to the neurologist for my shots, THANK GOD. I am a mess.....I started the baking for the deli and the rolling of the dough for the ricotta cheese cakes is a trigger for neck issues and headaches.

    It IS 23* this a.m. here! YIKES. The house is good at 66-68 though, the winterization stuff we did helped so much for the drafts we struggled with all these years. Shame it was only done last year (here 30 years!).

    I leave for Florida on Friday and set up the stuff for the suitcase yesterday while I baked and did laundry...then off to the SIL's party and I SAT*...that was my P A C E. I really don't carry that I didn't help lift the plates to the kitchen or do things araound as I had little "spoons left to play"....

    My grandchildren were a bit much, Madelyn wanting me to hold her all the time...CRAP it was hard.. BUT I couldn't say no, so when I awoke this morning OUCH was waiting for me.

    We always pay, doesn't matter what you try to do in the P A C E department, if you are over that you will pay.

    I think I am into todays spoons already!

    Well, I can't reply to all above as I didn't write down the posts to name each one!, looks like all had an active weekend.
    Blessings on all of you. Mimi I will talk to you later.........

    Have a good monday (me day) I always try........Nancy B

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