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Chest Pain with Fibro?
tdkd4e posted:
Okay so when I wear a bra of any kind that has underwire in it, I seem to have a lot of chest pain, it scares me, is this something that happens with Fibromyalgia? I was just recently diagonsed with fibro so I am new to all the hurts you can have other than the ones I had already been having. Thanks so much!
jroseland responded:
It could have something to do with the bra. There is a multi-year, hundreds of comments thread here about pain from bras and some pain free ones to buy.

If you think it's more serious, though, see your doctor. FM can cause very tender points that an underwire could dig into. Of course, you should contact your doctor if you think it's more serious.
xperky responded:
Yes, it really could be the underwire bra. Here's a link to the famous "No Pain Bra" discussion we've had here:
With Compassion,
foreversore responded:
There is a new "bra" not in the previous discussion that I just found at WalMart. I believe it is by Basic Editions and they are only $5 per bra. They look like a sports bra with adjustable straps but are way more comfortable than any sports bra. It's almost like a generic version of the Ah or Genie bra. They come in a lot of colors and patterns and are the only thing I can wear that causes only minimal discomfort instead of downright pain.
Candyland responded:
Hi tdkd4e,
I have asthma with my fibro, and when I wear a bra, I have to work harder to breathe. Leisure bras seem easier, but underwires would kill me. I recommend that you talk to your doc about it. Chest pain is supposed to be scary, so that you don't ignore it. Don't ignore it.
Good luck,

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