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    Help is there anyone out there that can relate to what I am discribing? Oh I hope so.
    Debb60 posted:
    I would like some suggestions from the group. I am on Savella, Gabapentin, Topiramate, Hydrocodone 10/325, and Nortriptyine. Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, some arthritis, and Neuropathy here and there. Much trouble with left side of body (arm & leg) from car accident 2007, have burning throughout body. I have 2 concerns first is I had gastric bypass in 2005, never any problems. But now it seems sometimes when I eat - as food is digesting - my body burns more. Second concern is both my leg are very very sensitive to the tough - specially lower legs. Also I bruise very easily, had many test - no cancer. Doctors are always so quick now to say Fibromyalgia. Is this all apart of Fibromyalgia? I hate that that is becoming the answer for everything. Does anyone else have very sensitive legs as I described? Also as anyone else had the gastric bypass or maybe just experience similiar symptoms as explained? I am not getting any answers only frustration.
    xperky responded:
    Hi Debb,

    I often feel worse right after eating. Haven't had gastric bypass, but I can tell I feel worse if I eat larger meals or certain foods. I guess it's my body telling me what it doesn't like, so I try to listen. Try making a list of what foods feel better and worse and see if there might be a pattern there.

    The fact that you bruise easily is something you may want a second opinion on. I don't know if that can be from FM. One thing to ask yourself is, do you take a lot of NSAID's? That can cause easy bruising.

    Sorry you are dealing with all this. I hope your Thanksgiving weekend is pleasant.
    With Compassion,
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    I hate when the docs just keep throwing everything in the FM pail....probably 1/3 is not from this disorder and more could be done to figure us out. But we are trying on their patience.....

    It is so trying on my patience ! Isn't this the weirdest issue to deal with.

    It is amazing you wrote this note as last night I had this exact thing happen. I ATE TOO MUCH...I ate in periods of nosh and then dinner, but all together it was too much. I HURT and I couldn't get comfortable even my bones hurt again and it is a rare complaint from me unless I am sick.

    I have to admit too I broke my gluten diet and ate a cookie as I packing up trays to give to neighbors today and they just called my name........I am very reactive to gluten so I thought (quietly) that this was my body yelling at me.

    I am better this a.m. and will be real careful not to overeat today.

    Savella can make you nauseas if you have that tendency, any of that? So can hydrocodone.......

    Neuropathy is a burning described pain. Neurogenic presents as burn to numb.....or heightened sensitivity (as I just learned with my leg) (MD couldn't numb it for surgery...felt the whole vascular closure in that area...nothing like a learning curve)
    He called it hyperalgesia from the cut nerve I had from another surgeon. Yikes!

    I see they have you gabapentin....

    May I suggest smaller feeds every 3 hours as dieticians like? Maybe it will help. A little less fiber? Maybe something is triggering an immune reaction so try elimination of things to your diet. Any worse after certain foods. Is this always or 45 to 1 hour after meds or meals...? Really watch yourself.

    I don't know why I always ask a question when I trying to help figure something out? Cripes.!

    We are so interesting as a group, so many different sensations and issues we present with. I hope you get some relief and figure this issue out. All my best, Nancy B

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