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does the menstrual cycle make fibro worse?
mina12 posted:
this is my first post (technically 2nd hand post, my friend just signed me up and typed this one with me next to him
i have such bad cramps, throat is dry, fatigued and fever, lethargic..its been like this the last few times and its the winter now so the cold has made things worse

does anyone experience this? or have any issues?
angelswife responded:
Hi mina---welcome to the Fmily! It's nice to meet you.

Yes to both questions, unfortunately---sorry. I have my worst flares when my "monthly visitor" is about to start. I get more tired than usual too, and have more issues with diarrhea and migraines. This is also when I catch most of my colds, although I don't really know why. Guess my immune system takes a nosedive.

I find I am worse in the winter---you are not alone. I use an electric blanket on the bed so I don't wake up so stiff, and I have a heated throw to wrap up in during the day if I need it. I also use the heat patches if I'm extra tight somewhere and don't want to be tied to a heating pad.

Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? Low D is a biggie for a lot of us with Fibro, as it can make our symptoms feel worse. My level was 25 when I was tested---normal is "technically" between 30 and 100, but most of us shoot for a level of 50 or higher. I takes 1,000 mgs a day, and will go higher in the winter if I need to. The test is not a standard one so you need to ask to have it done.

Make sure to look around the site. There is a lot of good information here. The best place to start is our Member Toolbox link (I believe it's in Resources but I could be wrong). Also check out the links for Nutrition and Vitamins. These are the best places to get started.

I'm sure you will get more answers, so don't worry. Things are a bit slower than usual here because it's a holiday. You can read other posts in the meantime and explore the site. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

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