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SilverDove7 posted:
Howdy guys and gals. Just wondering if any of you have tried this med or are on it now and your expierences with it. Yes I know everyone is different. My pain specialist has tried me on a few different meds and haven't been able to stick with them do to side effects. I also tried the trigger point injections and ended up getting the shakes badly and a queasy tummy afterwards so was taken off that. My primary doc put me on the Diclofenac. Thank you for all replies.

crystalscats responded:
I take Diclofenac tablets and in gel form. I like it seems to help with my R/A and is cheaper than Celebrex as older. It also has the side effect of lowering my blood sugar?? Don't know why but does. It however does not help with my FM. It is an anti-inflammatory, FM is not supposed to cause inflammation but seems when I flare I also have a lot of inflammation but could be my other issues.

I don't have any problems with it, but I do take with food or my stomach may become upset. The other med I have never taken so don't know about it!
xperky responded:
I also take diclofenac for an inflammatory disease, and it helps a lot. I was prescribed the enteric coated version to help protect my stomach. If you need an anti-inflammatory, you might wind up trying a few until you find the one that is the best fit for your body. I don't know what the Misoprost part is. Is that a stomach protector?
With Compassion,

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