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    Gluten free diet
    tlp2815 posted:
    Does anyone follow a gluten free diet just to help with fibro? I am skeptical about this. I was tested for Celiac's disease but the result was negative. I am on Lyrica for fibro pain and Elavil for sleep. I really need to lose some weight. I know that gluten free diet will help me to lose weight and I think having less weight on me will help with the pain. I'm pretty sure the Lyrica contributes to the weight. I know the gluten free diet is very restrictive so Im nervous about being about being able to stick with it. I thought I had read somewhere that it helps fibro patients. I asked my physician about this and he said he has never heard of it helping fibro patients but I could try it for weight loss. Thoughts?
    angelswife responded:
    Hi tip2815,
    I try to follow a gluten free diet. I am not always successful, but when I am able to I feel a lot better. My Fibro symptoms are milder and I have more energy. It is hard at first but is is doable. I would definitely recommend it!
    dawncostella responded:
    I also try to follow the Gluten free diet. I do feel better when I follow it. Please know that it won't necessarily help you lose weight. You have to still watch what you eat. There is a lot of gluten free items that aren't necessarily healthy for you. For instance potatoes. But the gluten free does help with inflammation and I do feel better when I am on it.
    crystalgreeneyes responded:
    I have tried cutting gluten as much as possible. It is difficult and gluten-free foods are more expensive. I would advise you to cut sugar as much as possible. I have found that sugar increases my pain and zaps my energy. I am not overweight but I have lost weight since I reduced sugar in my diet. It is said that sugar is a drug and for anyone wishing to lose weight - it is your enemy. A side effect of Lyrica is weight gain. It's very tough at first because you may feel like there's nothing left to eat but it does become easier. I can't possibly stick to this diet all of the time but I feel the difference either way. Your dr. may not have heard of it but there are some studies that show that diet in general has an effect on the condition of fibro. Good luck with it. Take care
    agrapina replied to crystalgreeneyes's response:
    If any of our Fibro problems are caused by a deficiency of some sort, a gluten free diet can only help. When the intestinal villi are flattened, squooshed or damaged, we cannot absorb nutrients properly.
    I don't think following this diet improves pain particularly but it does improve digestion in some of us, like me. Yea!
    katmandulou responded:
    It helps some, it doesn't help others. If you think it's worth a try, go for it!

    I have no problem with gluten, but I have worked hard and lost 35 lbs since last February. It's a little less than I gained after the FM diagnosis. I was put on Elavil (a miracle drug for me!) and slathered on 40 lbs in the first year. After 6 hears I decided I had had enough. DH was also trying to lose weight; it's so easy for men, and he lost 80 lbs.

    I lost the weight by tracking calories in an app on my smartphone; DH did the same. We're still in the learning mode, eating a little more to stop losing and stabilize. We're all a work in progress, and I wish you the best!
    mnjeepguy responded:
    I think the easiest way is to ease into it with small changes. Like starting with a wheat free bread like Udi. Tr to find snacks withought wheat next, and make sure you get enough fiber because you loose that cutting Gluten.

    Gluten free is pretty tough, reducing is something easier to live with. I tried going free for a while. I didn't notice any major benefits aside from eliminating my skin rash. It is best to talk to your Dr. first especially if you have any medical issues. Good luck!
    booch007 responded:
    I am gluten free and non celiac, the label of IBS disappeared the minute I left gluten. SO what does that tell you! I also had no more reflux....Hmmm

    I will say I didn't lose any weight from the process. The gluten free foods are packed in fat and carbs as the exchange to get some sort of sponginess to a product nedds alot of other things to help that.

    Eating gluten free and simple is just that simple. Natural self made and no too difficult. My whole colon and abdomen changed within days of this process. I am intolerant and now would say I have gluten enteropathy as a label. NON CELIAC, which is big. I don't want cancer looking at me.

    Good luck with this, you will know if there is a fit here. I felt the change pretty quickly. Not much help with the mess here though, I am years of gluten screwed up so it would be years to get out of it......hopefully . Good luck, Nancy B

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