Cold weather..
nmonte94 posted:
This weather is killing me! These past 2 days have been part of the horrible days. All I've been feeling is tiredness, pain, headaches and all that bad stuff. This morning I felt so nauseous, I even almost threw up..idk if that's the cymbalta doing it though. The worst part of this all is not having a home to go to that's my own nor my own room. & the stress is I'm sure making it worse. I decided to take today off since I work everyday and I just need a break. I've laid down all day except getting up to walk my dogs. I haven't enjoyed anything in so long, I feel so miserable inside. Lately it's just one thing on top of another, I'd love a vacation to somewhere nice and warm lol sorry guys if I sound so negative, just cannot find any positive lately
xperky responded:
Keep plugging on and keep looking forward to a day when you will have your comfy own place again. It must be extremely hard to go through losing your home while dealing with FM. I can't see myself doing well with that at all, and I admire you for being able to survive.

Do you enjoy reading? It could be a means of escape for you. If you have ever enjoyed knitting or crochet, that could help you relax too. Any other hobbies you could pick up again, that don't take up much room or cost a lot to get back into? You might really benefit from a diversion!
With Compassion,
nmonte94 replied to xperky's response:
I actually love reading, I think I'm going to go get some books or download them on my iphone. I'm hoping that physical therapy and moving around will cause me some good and not only pain. My body is still aching today Glad there's people here who understand because my family definitely doesn't.
eeyoremom responded:
yeah, this weather is a factor. i got way worse on cymbalta, tho. dr. said i was the first he's ever seen get worse on it. celexa works for me.
An_249266 responded:
I feel your pain! I took today off for that same reason. I have some pain meds that help but they really don't help all that much anymore as I have been takingi them for so long. Trying to deal with it in other ways, i.e., meditation, taking just a half hour a day to be alone, no one else in the room and listening to spa type music does wonders for me. It's taking the time to do it that is so hard with a busy schedule. Good luck with it my friend.
DeniseRaeanne responded:
Cold weather can be a tough one. I just moved back to a cold climate and have had to change some of my coping resources (though we've had some odd 60 degree sunny days lately which have been very uplifting). So my cold weather coping resources include- a pool workout I do at my local YMCA (got it from my physical therapist). It helps greatly with stiffness and the endorphins from the exercise help w/ energy and mood. I also utilize the whirlpool, steam room, and sauna. Also, walking our dogs with my boyfriend is fun, and a great daily ritual. Good luck to you!
2BlessU responded:

I too suffer from fibromyalgia and other problems it creates. Being cold is a major no no for me, doing me in. I have found heat to be my best friend. I put rice (not instant rice) into a clean sock and tie it up, then microwave it. I used a pair of hubby's new tube socks. Fill it enough to cover the width of your neck, twist and pull back threw the sock. Place a cup of water in the microwave beside the rice filled sock, to protect microwave from damage. You may have to experiment with the timing, Normally 2 and a half min. is perfect. I wrap it in a hand towel and place on my neck. The moist heat is great!!
I use it at night instead of my pillow. It relaxes me and helps me to sleep better at night (another issue with fibromyalgia).
mh1964 responded:
hi there,im new to the discussion,but i do have fibromyalgia,have had it for about 10 years only diagnosed for about 6,it took a long time for someone to recognize the symptoms. i was glad to read your post about weather affecting the disease,i always thought it did but wasnt sure. today is a bad day for me,alot of pain,tiredness,headache,weakness,but where i live the past few weeks have been cold,damp,wet,mild,lots of rain,some days i feel like a yo-yo. its good to talk to someone who understands,what i feel,thanks for listening.i want to try to post everyday,i think it might help me.
nmonte94 replied to eeyoremom's response:
Really? I'm on cymbalta but I haven't been on it long enough to know what the effect is on me or anything
nmonte94 replied to An_249266's response:
I don't even get a chance to, I work from 10 am to 7 pm, by the time I get to wherever I'm staying it's 9 and I'm exhausted and just want to crawl into bed even though I don't even sleep lol
nmonte94 replied to DeniseRaeanne's response:
I'm over in ny where it's going from 40 to 50 to 60 to snow to rain to all over the place lol
nmonte94 replied to 2BlessU's response:
Wow, that's a really good idea. Possibly I'll try that. I need relaxment!! Lol
nmonte94 replied to mh1964's response:
The weather kills my body and it is nice to talk to someone who understands because no one I'm around does at all
An_243629 responded:
I can relate 100%. Better days are coming : )
taxlady49 responded:
I too, am taking cymbalta for depression and fibro. the weather does bother me, but it is the barometer that goes up and down as the storms come through that causes pain and stiffness to break through. Spring and Fall are exceptionally bad, I can change from being fine, to stiff and hurting within an hour. All you can do is live through it. It will go away eventually. I find that people around me are more upset by the way I feel than I am, until they see me keep on working through it. I try not to complain, it does no good. Good luck to you, the positive has to come from the knowledge that nothing lasts forever, and summer is coming, it is always better.