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    Thursday *****11/29/2012 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...where it is cold 27* right now....high to get to high 50's though with lots of sunshine...and then the weather is going to be warmer than usual for several days, after the cool 60 and 70's....really....what weird weather we are having...I am glad we are going to have a nice week-end though...with no rain.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good night's rest....I rested ok...and was able to sleep at a decent hour this early waking for me today....which is a good thing....I have to keep Noah today also...he is a climber and on Tuesday he was climbing and somehow put a bruise on his left side...he did not fall but he told me that he was trying to get a hose to his toy which was on the I knew he had been climbing....I do not know how he did this....his daddy use to climb a lot also...actually his dad use to climb up to the ceiling in the doorway....(which was his favorite place)....I am waiting to see when Noah starts this...

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better....or actually it will probably be a combination of *tools and tips*...there are no quick fixes or magic pills though that I am aware of...if someone knows of something that works instantly, please share this with the rest of us...the only fast thing that I am aware of is the hot shower and/or Stopain spray...and it is only for a short period of time...a little relief is better than none far as I am concerned...

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level which is important to a lot of people...and keep tabs on this each year...low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some of us and it can also affect other illnesses as well...

    I hope those of you who were having *issues* will wake up this morning feeling much sure and rest and give your body time to we, FMers, does take time for us to recover from anything that we experience...perhaps longer than most people...

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this last Thursday in November....

    Have a good day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good morning MiMi and to all those who will follow. I do hope your night's sleep was sound and deep and that your day is going well without any fibro issues or pain.

    I'm up way too early and have no idea why. It's still dark here and oh so cold. 27. The house is holding at 72 so the insulation we put in seems to be doing the job keeping the house from getting cold without turning on all the heaters. It's gonna warm up to the high 60's by mid day. It was ugly all day yesterday, but thankfully the sun will be out today, so that, mixed with the warmth will be nice. And like with MiMi it will be really nice, sunny and warm starting to day and going thru to early next week. Nice for Nov - December.

    DH is home today and feeling pretty much over the flu bug he had. DH said that a lot of his co workers have called off work because they are down with the flu. That flu has closed two schools above us. Am thinking many more will close over the next few weeks as this bug makes the rounds. So far I"m not feeling it... so I hope I dodged the flu bullet. We have no plans to venture out with either errands or appointments. Will do some indoor stuff / projects and just relax.

    angleswife, so happy that the tooth issue is resolved. Feeling better will be so nice for you.

    cory, hope your feeling better today and that your back issues and pain have eased up.

    Lou, sure hope the stomach pain you had is gone and that your doctor was able to give you something to help.

    As for for me, my fibro issues and symptoms are here now. No getting over it as my body knows its late Fall and Winter. I'm never happy to go onto Gabapentin but darn it if it just doesn't work so well for me. I'm taking Gabapentin @ 300 2 XS a day and it really is helping with the skin and muscle pain. I have noticed tho that I am 3 pounds heavier than I was last month before taking the Gabapentin. UGH. But I gotta figure the lessor of two evils is the Gabapentin. The fibro muscle and skin pain is terrible and the 3 pounds that I put on will, after all, come off in March when I go off the Gabapentin.

    Overall I'm feeling pretty good. Well as good as any of us can feel when the seasonal cold and fibro kicks in. The ear infection is gone now and I'd be able to forget about it but I have to continue the antibiotics for a few more days. So far nothing is happening medically to me that I can manage to ease with meds. By now I would be dealing with IBS and fibro symptoms. Always the worst by late November into and thru December. I think that by watching what I eat ( keeping Gluten and fats out of my diet. ) I am helping keep IBS symptoms at bay.

    Well not a lot to speak about today.. wishing those whose are feeling under the weather well and hope that each of you feels much better by later today.

    Have a good day everyone. Gentle hugs to each of you,
    Linda R
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    I've got a doozy of a flare this morning, and my head feels like someone used it as a football. But the swelling is down in my face and I'm eating a little.

    Yesterday's extraction took half an hour and the chair wasn't that comfortable. I had to lie with my head turned to the side and my mouth as far open as it would go. The dentist had to use a lot of force to get the roots out, and I thought he'd snap my head right off a couple of times. He even had to stretch my mouth at one point, so my lip is all swollen and bruised. I didn't realize until it was over that I'd been holding the chair arms in a death grip the whole time. I could barely uncurl my hands.

    I rested when I got home because I was worn out. A few hours later, I suddenly started bleeding, and I bled for two hours. I had to stay perfectly still and keep replacing the gauze packs in my mouth. By the time I went to sleep last night I was flaring and stiff as a board.

    This morning my poor upper body feels like it's made of iron. I will probably need a Cyclobenzeprine to help loosen it up because nothing else is helping. I am trying to hold off on it for now because I have a meeting this afternoon. If I take it I won't be able to drive.

    But the worst is over...i felt a spark of energy underneath all the crud this morning. I haven't had any energy for over a week so this is a sign of things to come. I just need to take it easy fro another couple of days until the healing is farther along. I even looked at my crocheting and thought, hmmmm...I haven't felt like crocheting lately so that's another improvement.

    I am going to stop and rest...I am flaring badly enough that it hurts to type. But it will be all uphill from here...Hope everyone has a good day!
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Thank you to those who thought of mwe today. I have no idea how but I made it through the day. I think it was my good coworker's attitudes and the fact that I took a pain pill this morning. They don't make me feal anything aside from normal but it reduces the pain enough to function. I still can't tilt to the left, it feals like something is being pinched hard. I wonder if this is why when I raise my left hand it's shakey. I was able to sleep ok, I could not lay on my back so I woke up several times but woke fairly rested.

    One I got home I lost my distractions and realize I am a bit of a mess. I see the Dr tomorrow so hopefully I can get on the path to figure ME out better. One more shorter day. I have worked 10's all week so far.

    Angelswife, I hope you heal up quickly and your flair goes away fast.

    Linda R, thanks for thinking of me and I hope your flair fades fast too.

    Take care everyone, have a good night.

    fibroinsd responded:
    A very overcast day here..and they are saying rain for the next five days...not very good weather...but at least today was not as cold as I thought it might be..

    We finally are having the trees change color here..and it looks like fall...which I do enjoy..even if it isn't a lot of trees..

    I am so busy trying to deal with stuff for mom and dad..looking for doctors ...dealing with financial stuff..I hardly have time to deal with my own stuff..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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