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    Really feeling blue
    IM_frustrated posted:
    I'm new here and my mom is the one that suggested I join an online community so I could talk to people that also have fibro. I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago but have had symptoms for about 20 years (I'm 34) and this is really started to weigh heavy on me. I've never missed work because of this disease and the week before Thanksgiving I flared so bad that I missed a full week of work. I've never cried because of this either and my flare was so bad that my mom had to help me walk and take me to and from the Dr, feed me and clean my apartment. I'm so frustrated right now that I'm starting to have crying spells and I've never had this problem. I just feel like I don't have anyone to talk to because people that don't have fibro don't understand what it's like to hurt all the time. My parents are supportive, but they really don't know what to do or how to talk to me about it. Can you guys give me input on what you do when you're feeling like this? I just feel helpless right now
    lb707 responded:
    Pain all the time is not fun it actually sucks a lot. You are right no one understands what living in pain is and the only way they would is to be suffering with us and we wish that on no one.

    It took me years after DX to quit trying to cure it and learn ways to live through flares....and then it changes on you.

    A good Dr. once said there is no cure so try to treat the symptoms. In my arsenal is a muscle relaxer which I use only if the pain is too bad to sleep, tramadol for day time pain if needed (I prefer to use these two on a as needed basis) and something for the anxiety caused by years of pain.

    I try to exercise on a regular basis......Pilate's is my choice and walking when my feet will allow. I have learned which supplements help and which foods cause me more pain.

    When I was still working and good insurance regular massage helped.

    You are not helpless or worthless....sounds to me as if you have a good work record, just tired of being sick. You have found a place of understanding.

    IM_frustrated replied to lb707's response:
    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, laurab. I just can't seem to stay well enough lately to do anything physical and I stay frustrated because of it. I don't tolerate pain killers very well because they typically make me sick to my stomach and make me itch, so I don't ask my Dr for them anymore. I take Soma to relax my muscles (which lately is more than I would like to) and my daily medicines are Cymbalta and Topamax. The weather where I live goes back and forth from hot to cold, so my flares have just gotten bad.

    I'm fortunate enough to have an excellent fibro Dr, but his office is about 3 hours north of me. When I had my last really bad flare, I had to go to my GP (who I will no longer see), he treated me like an idiot, wouldn't listed to me, and tried to tell me that fibro "doesn't hurt like that". He wanted to give me steroid shots, which aside from the fact that we all know don't work on fibro fares, make me really sick. When I told him that lidocaine shots don't do anything for my pain he looked at me like I was a fool and said "huh! that just doesn't make any sense,". Have you had these types of problems, too?

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