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Im searching for answers
An_249191 posted:
I have wondered for a long time if I have fibro..I have many syptoms..of course everytime i go to the doc they claim kidney infection or just "typical everyday pain"..or other things, but I have
-chronic diarehha (so bad it affects my job)
-chronic fatigue (its hard to function)
- i can barley remember anything..memory problems..(no joke..its bad)
-chronic low back pain, pain in my lower back thighs, upper shoulders in the back, feet, ankles, hips, my hands hurt and feet tingle..)

Pain pills do not help. I still have pain even with pain pills, they do a help a bit but not as much as they should.
I am looking for answers.
I also do not have a spleen, I have reoccuring kidney and bladder infenctions and they have already taken my gallbladder out.
so what is your opinion? is there anything you would suggest i say to my doctor ?
agrapina responded:
Ask your doc to test your tender points. I think some still do that. Ask him/her about a test for Chrone's disease which causes such intestinal problems.
Usually docs make a Fibro diagnosis by ruling everything else out.

From the description of your symptoms, it sounds like Fibro is a possibility. Best of luck to you in your search.

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