tlp2815 posted:
Has anyone used 5HTP? Was it a positive or negative experience for you? What are the side effects you have experienced? Does anyone know if this is safe to take with Lyrica and Elavil? I take Lyrica 75mg day for fibro and Elavil (only 5mg) at night to sleep. I had read about 5HTP and was curious about it. What is a good dosage to take? I dont want it to have the opposite affect on me? I had read that it can keep you up at night. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Anon_10089 responded:
I tried it a few years ago. It actually made me extremely queasy and my appetite flip flopped. I usually eat a lot of protein and few carbs but the only foods I could stomach were carbs and starches. If I continued eating like that, I would gain massive weight, so I went off of the 5-HTP.

This doesn't mean I think you shouldn't try it. It took me a few bewildered weeks to figure out that is was the 5-HTP making me feel that way. I mostly mention the above side effects so that if you experienced them it might not take you as long to figure it out as me!

Also, I only tried it on my own. It might be good to go through an alternative doctor, or research the dosage really well yourself.
Mommahonk responded:
It did not work for me.... sure it kind of calmed down, but not enough to sleep.
But mind you, I have extreme insomnia!! Ambien puts me sleep and Trazadone keeps me asleep...

Good luck!
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Also, be sure to discuss anything you're considering with your doctor.
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