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Anyone else have gout? Tips?
schrode posted:
Hello All!

Two weeks ago my big toe swelled up and I had pain in it worse than my FM pain (unimaginable, I know). The doctor said it was my first gout attack, and it may never happen again. Well, last night my big toe swelled up again! I have had another gout attack. I see the doctor tomorrow morning.

Does anyone else have gout? What do you do to avoid attacks? What do you do to make an attack end? I would appreciate any advice! Thanks!

Soft hugs,
booch007 responded:
Gout can be managed with a diet restriction and if you are not on water pills. Some water pills can precipitate this.

A diet with minimal red meats and red wine no organ meats helps so much. But the doc will tell you if this is part of a whole. At times it is connected to renal insufficiency and your kidneys are getting older.

There are meds like Allopurinol and others to help prevent the build up of uric acid. Then Colchicine to have the bowel help get rid of the uric acid excess in an acute state. I have also seen docs use the colchicine once a day to have as prevention.

Managable always, but you have to have the acceptance that there is more changing with you....It is not easy to take some foods away, you feel deprived. A pill is always looked for as the cure. Diet it is the natural way to help, also major hydration of those poor kidneys is helpful.

IF you are healthy for fluids.

Remember we know nothing about you here and this is just an overveiw of gout I speak of. Good luck, I know your doc and you will get a good plan. Search out the things I wrote and see what you learn so some of that education will help the doc and get questions maybe for him.

All my best, Nancy B
schrode replied to booch007's response:
Hi Nancy B,

Thanks for your reply. I eat very little red meat, haven't had shellfish in ages, and don't drink alcohol! I have no idea what triggered the gout flare. I see the doctor this weak. I am only 40 so I hope my kidneys are okay.

Hopefully the doctor will have some insight,.

The irony of it is that I am now also anemic!

Soft hugs,


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