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TIPS******O/T (sort of)
dollbug posted:
OK....I am on AOL news...and I was listening to a couple of *tips*....I laughed and then I thought....I had NO IDEA a person could do this...MiMi in NC

As most of you already know....I have had 7 hand surgeries....yep...quite a lot of them...and I struggle (still) with using my hands like I use to I try not to miss any good *tips and tools* with using them...

Peeling potatoes....did you know that you can just boil them with their skins on...(after washing, of course) and then when they are done....put them in ice water for a brief time and the skin just rolls off PEELING???????? OMG...I had no idea....

Peeling a banana? I do have *issues* with this the majority of us peel it from the stem of the banana .....which is ALL WRONG**** Did you know??????? Well, maybe I am the only one here....(but I really do not think so)...the correct way is on the opposite just kinda of pinch it and it opens.... many of you know....I try to *share* anything that I find which might help these are the *tips* for today...

Anything that will help us cope better...what I think is funny is the fact that it has taken me almost 60 years to learn funny is this???? Just goes to say that we are never too old to learn something new.......

Anyone else know of any good tips that might help others?

If you have any, share them....


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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Glad you're finding ways to ease things for your hands, MiMi.

I've always opened a banana like that.

Re the potatoes... good tip but nowadays, with the potatoes available with thinner skins, we always eat the skins to so don't have to take them off at all. And that includes when we mash them and/or make a potato salad. Makes life so much easier!
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