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I need answers
nmonte94 posted:
Right now who diagnosed me with fm was a neurologist and I'm supposed to be seeing her in a couple of weeks but don't I need a main doctor who can help me with all of this?
foreversore responded:
I see several different doctors for different conditions. For me my rheumatologist treats my FM. I have also heard of neurologists, pain management clinics and family doctors who will all treat FM.
booch007 responded:
I am followed by neurology only for this, my Internist is aware of the therapy and the meds she offers me. I keep a communication line open between all my doctors. I also see a cardiologist.

In years past there was a large rheumy meeting in the US and they were going to pass all of us to neurology as it is nerochemical they feel in nature. BUT I have not seen it done.

Best is you go to who ever understands this, accepts you and the issues and helps the life you have ahead of you. My Internist would be no good for me, not a good fit. But my neurologist is quite the champion doc for me....

Good luck. Nancy B

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