nmonte94 posted:
So this whole week has been horrible!! I started seeing my psychologist and I think she's diagnosing me with depression the physical therapy I'm doing is putting my body in excruciating pain during it and afterwards, my job is stressing me out. I feel so dead, I just want to go into bed and never get out.YEP, I'm doing some complaining since I have no one to talk to.
dollbug responded:
Hello.....MiMi in NC...sorry you are not having a better week...as with everything else, it is a *process* which does take time and effort....can you perhaps schedule your PT at the end of the day and come home and take a *hot shower*....or use the heating pad for a while?

I hope that soon you will find something that will help you cope better....I know that there is something out there that will help....but you have to figure out exactly what is going to work...

Hang in there....this too will pass....

Take care....


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fibroinsd responded:
so sorry...((((((hugs))))) to you...hope it gets better

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Surfside6 responded:
Hi and welcome- you have support here! And knowledge that only Fibro patients can relate. Sadly, it is a slow process to find the things that will work for you. Everyone is different. And complaining is not a problem. You need to get it out and move forward. I am wondering if you are having so much pain during therapy and after, if this is the proper care for your situation. 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions are warranted for any of us who have doubts, be it diagnosis or treatment. I hope you will find a lot of encouragement here as I know it can be beneficial. Keep us posted