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    TGIF*****Roll Call ****18 days until Christmas ****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF****and it is too early for any sane person to be up....and I have been up for an hour now....furbabies woke me up this is always one thing or yet one should wake up this time of the is cold and dark....and too quiet except for the dogs walking around....I truly think it is way too early for them as well...

    Here is hoping everyone else is resting as they should be....but we are at the end of another week...I am glad that I do not have much planned today or I would be in serious trouble here....

    Yesterday Noah was good but he decided he was not going to take a nap....he has the *Elf on the Shelf*...and I tried to explain to him that he was watching the good little boys and girls to make sure who Santa would be seeing this year...he came out of his room 3 times though anyway...he had been good up until naptime...I told DH last night that I think nap time is about over for Noah...he is 3 now and he will soon be out of taking one anyway, whether or not we like it...they have been lucky so far he has been a good sleeper....

    Alec got sick at school and had to come home on Wednesday...I am guessing he picked up some sort of is that time of the year...a lot of ugly illnesses are being passed around...this comes with children being exposed more to such as this...

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group...I am sure each of you will soon find something that will help you cope does take a trial and error process to get the right combination of *tools* that will do the hang in there and keep on keeping on...until you figure it out...

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked which is important to a lot of people these days...low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well..

    I hope those of you who have not been feeling up to par will tell a big difference makes a big difference when we do not have multiple issues to address....just coping with the wrath of the dragon is enough...I do hope each of you will have a turning point today and can tell a big difference in the way you are feeling...

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this Friday...

    Take care and have a good one.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Morning Mimi,

    Olivia is without naps at this point unless she NEEDS one.

    I am IN TROUBLE. The adrenaline from worry has helped the dragon leave me, I am doing well in our department, but the EYE is back......

    Lifting the Christmas boxes in the attic and whatever else I did must have increased the eye pressure and I began to bleed in the eye on on Thursday (yesterday)
    I was at work and a sudden increase n Floaters...big black floaters and it was so hard to read and do IV' that left eye...

    On the way home I had "lightening flashes in the eye...***B I G no-no. I called the retinal specialist right away and I am seeing (no pun) him first case this morning. I HAVE TO GO TO WORK as I am supervisor of the department rightnow, she is on vacation....

    So much on my plate and then this hits me. I took a valium last night as the fright is heavy on my heart.

    I am so fearful of this surgery to be done and if these weblike floaters are staying in the vision field I have to have it done. The retinal wrinkle blurrs the world then the webs cover it. CRAP...I am a one eye nurse...(who wants that.)

    I keep thinking there are bugs around and then I remember..

    I prayed so hard last night, the flashes are better this a.m. but just had one before getting on the computer. This is from pulling on the wall at the optic nerve...crap.


    I have a patient arriving for me this a.m. and need to tell the sttending I am not there. I can see himm in the afternoon, plus with the dilation of the eyes I can't see him anyway. I am hoping he kept the IV in him I placed yesterday (he is a devil and was saying he was going to pull it out) I just can't believe how some people are....he even pretended to have a stroke when i return to the room and really gave me a fright....then laughed and said come on lighten up...."I wanted to create Pt abuse* at that point. Ha.

    Anyway, alot going on here and I wanted you to know I am better with the pain issues I reset well with all the distraction I have going on. BUT I didn't expect this BIG distraction to be handed to me.

    Appointment is 845......send me prayers guys. I am not reay for a surgical procedure for the holidays and I really didn't want him IN my eyeball.

    Leave it to me not to have wrinkles on my face BUT I HAVE A WRINKLE IN MY EYE!!!!

    Hugs to all, Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response: sorry that you are having these issues with your eyes...

    Thoughts and prayers are with you....

    Keep us updated and good luck to you....

    Take care and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dakotaspirit1957 replied to booch007's response:
    Dearest Nancy... My thoughts and prayers go out to you that this thing with your eyes gets put to rest very soon... Hang in there Love... Everything will be alright... I have faith and have a good feeling...

    My goodness my jerking and crazy movements are making me type crazy again... I am hardly getting anywhere lol... I shall prevail lol... I shall get my words into cyberspace and not my garble lol... But I am here to say good morning anyhow... So Good Morning All... I was up a lot last night and slept thru my first alarm thi morning... Should have just stayed up at 4 but decided to lie back down... Out cold I went lol... To miss my 5:30 alarm and luckily to hear my 6 alarm... Then I goofed on the coffee... I thought I got it ready to just turn on this morning but I didn't so when I turned it on it just shut itself off... I didn't get my peaceful cup before waking everyone... So my day is a little out of kilter... How I dislike days to start like this lol...

    GRRRRR....... It took forever to write that..... lol... lol... lol...

    I wrapped Christmas Presents last night... I have a feeling someone else will be wrapping them for me next year... My jerking tore the paper and made it difficult but once again... I prevailed... But if I am much worse it will not be the story next year... I love wrapping presents... I love singing carols but can't this year either... Can't talk yet alone sing lol... Maybe after the antibiotic makes me better... But I am stuttering very badly can you imagine Rudoph the reddeded noseded rainain deardeardadadear... I could pretend I was raping it lol... Be a Christmas Rap Star... lol... lol... lol.. lol..

    Now how do I incorporate the horrendous cough lol... It is just terrible this morning again... taking my breath away... but it comes back shortly there after... It is the pain that is getting to me... My flare is maxed out... There isn't a point left that don't hurt... This nastiness could have waited lol... But we all know when we have one irritant like a flu or bronchitis FM joins in the dance... I think FM gets a complex and feels left out... lol... So it flares not to be left out... lol...

    It is kinda chilly here today only 50 degrees right now... sorta cold for almost 8 am... I guess winter has finally hit Arizona... I guess if you call this winter... I still miss the snow but I guess I probably wouldn't be making snowmen and having snowball fights anyway... No snow angels for I can;'t get down and up from the ground... No sledding or ice skating
    dakotaspirit1957 replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    Nasty thing thought I was ready to shut up... lol... sent my message before I could ay good bye... That wasn't nice... So what if I was talking nice about snow... I even loved digging out cars and cleaning them off and shoveling people out of houses when the 6 foot drifts locked their front door... lol... It was a wonderland of white beauty... And where I am in Arizona we don't see snow...

    Oh well.... You all think of me and all the fun I am missing while you shovel all that snow if you get some... and try to have a snow ball fight in my honor... lol...

    take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
    teelady1 responded:
    Good morning! Happy Friday!

    It's going to be a busy day - and the flare is still flaring. Very poor sleep last night - again!

    I have a 1/2 day of work and then have to go to a memorial service this afternoon. A close friend of the family passed away last Saturday after a tough cancer battle.

    This evening I'm going to a Christmas concert with friends. There's going to be a lot of driving today getting for one place to the other. Probably won't get home until late.

    So glad I have no commitments tomorrow. I can do things at a slower pace.

    Wishing everyone a little or no pain day - and good sleep tonight!
    teelady1 replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy, I'm so glad you're seeing the retina specialist right away! Sending prayers and good vibes your way!
    rudyandirmouse replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy, I am so glad you are seeing a Dr for the eye. I have eye issues and have had bad floaters so understand what you are dealing with.

    Do feel better. Linda R.
    jillylin responded:
    Hi Mimi and the all the Fibrofamily,

    cold and wet in the UK. We have been told we are cgoing to have the worst winter for 100 years. I can believe it.

    I finish teaching tomorrow for the final time and I am really sad about it. I just had to accept that Ballet and fibre don't mix too well. Time for me to find a new way of living.

    Hope everyone is managing to avoid all the bugs going around. Fibro on it's own is bad enough without adding anything else into the mix.
    Jilly in the UK
    jillylin replied to booch007's response:
    Thoughts and prayers for you.
    fibroinsd responded:
    Afternoon/ Evening all..

    oh glad you have an appointment with the doc..I have one floater and I hate it...had a little of the lightening when I got the was scary..luckily no damage..but just the floater..but you must take care of it..

    I am sitting in my DS's old bedroom which is now an wasn't that long ago that I would have a wonderful view of the sunset from here...but now the sun is too far south...if I lean way over, I can catch a glimpse..but it is a pretty view.

    I took my mom to see the doctor for a check up as she hadn't been for awhile. I got so irritated...she kept asking my mom things like "do you eat a good diet"..and my mom would say " " oh yes.." mom has a terrible diet and she can't even remember what she ate for lunch...and the doctor KNEW my mom has Alzheimers and kept asking her questions like that..I was in the background shaking my head "NO" but the doctor just kept ignoring me...and basically told me that my mom is 85 and there really isn't anything we are going to do for her anymore...It may have been realistic, but seemed like a pretty crummy attitude from the doctor..

    I am having a hard time thinking about the holidays coming along...We don't have any little ones around..and most of the people in my life right now don't have a job, or not much of there isn't much money to not sure what we will be doing..I feel at a loss as to how to get into the holiday season..We have a tree up, (fake)..and lights and decorations around..but reality is that there really won't be anyone here except my mom and dad to enjoy it..It all just seems like.."Why bother.."..

    My DS says he might try to be here for a day or so around Christmas, but he is trying to get a job..and if one works out..he won't make it..I have a feeling this will happen..or he will say he can't come down for some reason..

    Oh me...I didn't mean to go on and on...I know there are others with worse problems...but it does feel better to get it out write it down...and get the whining out

    I guess tomorrow I will be doing my usual task of going to mom and dad's and taking care of stuff..still so many little things I need to do around here..from laundry to bill paying, etc..nothing too exciting..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    Dibug69 responded:
    Hello all. Prayers and thoughts to all this weekend they are hardest for me because I try so hard to be super Mom. I pay for it Sunday's nights on. My big push this weekend is I am lucky enough to have an appointment with Dr P on Wed morning. So hoping for some understanding and some new avenues in this crappy illness.

    Have a good one all!!!
    mnjeepguy replied to fibroinsd's response:
    Everyone's problems are worth sharing here. I'm glad you did. I hope that despite the tough times you and you family can enjoy the holiday and be together.
    mnjeepguy replied to booch007's response:
    Sending thoughts and prayers your way Nancy B.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    I had the day that would never end. My boss would try to rile us up multiple times then go to his office and fiddle on craigslist all day. It was very unprofessional and lazy of him. It didn' make a whole lot of sense but I did what was asked. It does get frustrating.

    I am doing alright. Aside from a few stabbing random pains, my body feels pretty good at the moment. I can't complain.

    I was able to visit my twin brother and we had a nice talk about prety much everything. It was a nice way to finish the work week.

    We have a few errands to run tomorrow then it's off to Bentlyville. It is a huge, rediculous diplay of lights. It started at a mans house and just got too big to deal with. Now it is in Canal Park in Duluth. We have gone twice at the resident location but not at the park yet. It should be fun.

    I am greatful to finally get two days off after last weekend's one. It is a welcome break. I hope you all sleep good tonight, take care everyone.


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