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Very Depressed
franr posted:
Good Morning
Its hard to say good morning when you have been up repeatly for the last 5 nights in pain and insomenia. I felts alone tonite. Then I remembered all the many fms patients in this group who are going though the same thing I am. After being diagnosed 18 years ago in the 93 I was one of the lucky ones with few flares.But I guess i have come to a close on maintainence and need new rx.The pharcologist who maintains my medicine gave me ambien and itmay me worse and a reverseeffect. Has anyone experienced this. I have no appetite.And have lost weight. I was hospitalized last week ith high BP and had a cardiac arrythmas.Now I believe my BP is higher than before because of the fibro pain. Please any encouragement . Thanks Fran
booch007 responded:
Good morning Fran,

So many times in our lives things happen that put you in a place for a tune up*. This is how it sounds for you...

You need a tune up. B/P and arrythymias is one avenue and then the pain and insomnia another. Maybe if they use a water pill in there and you lose some fluids you are carrying you will also sleep better.

Have you tried sleeping in a recliner. It is useful in so many ways when we're *out of norm. It helps the heart with less fluids returning as does adding pillows on the bed. It helps the muscles as you are not laying on the tender points and gravity helps keep the muscles linear......I have an awful time when I lay down that the gravity lost holding my breasts creates spasm to the neck and chest muscles at time.

Maybe try looking into the book I have used for tune ups..FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain (a survival manual) by Dr Devin Starlanyl and Copeland. 19.99 on It was a wonder asset to the library here.

Yes you are not alone......look in the toolbox in the resources section under Caprice for the link. So many people have ideas for help with this. I wish you and you Doc luck in tuning you up fast! .

HUgs, Nancy B
franr responded:
Dear Nancy

Thanks for the kind words. I like that idea of tune upI have purchased Dr Staryland both books and I have reread them.They are so reassuring.They were the only information availble in the 90's/Unfortunely I am a nurse and know too much for my own good.I am going back to pharmacolgist this pm so Ihope he can get me something else other than the meds I am on. Ambien is not working.I need to rest these Keep mein yourprayers.Thanks again Franmuscles.

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