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Symptom Questions...Face Numbness and Peripheral Edema
CelticTinne posted:
Being as I am trying to understand what is happening to me with all of this, I am turning to those I think know best, you all. I need to figure out what is Fibro and what is something else. This is all too confusing. It seems no two people have the same symptoms except, I hurt all the time.

So here are my questions:

So today coming into work, my face felt numb. Well, tingly and numb, like when you leg or arm loses circulation and it is coming back. This traveled around my face. A little early tonight it started again. Is this something that others have faced.

Another question I am hoping others can help me with is about peripheral edema. Is this common with Fibro? I have it pretty severe. It is worse in my lower legs but also in my hands. I take a diuretic twice a day and it keeps it fairly controlled. This started in 2009 after I was hospitalized, had surgery, died and was resuscitated. I took me being growly and adamant with my GP to get the diuretics going.

Thanks so much!

Celtic Tinne
dawncostella responded:
Very interesting. I don't have the tingling in my face but I just got diagnosed with peripheral edema also. I hadn't had this before but my ankles and hands have started swelling and they have started me on diuretics. They have me on a really low dose, but so far it doesn't seem to be working.

I was also wondering if this could be part of fibro or something totally different. I am very curious to see how everyone responds.

teelady1 responded:
No edema here - but I have had tingling in my face. Mostly on my chin. A tingling sensation that seems to last for a couple of days and then goes away as sudden as it started. It could be weeks or months before I would feel the tingling again. I also have had tingling in my hands and feet.

When my Dr put me on an SSRI (citalopram or Celexa) the tingling seemed to stop especially in the face. When a flare shows up, I will often feel the tingling in my hands and feet - but rarely the face anymore.
CelticTinne replied to dawncostella's response:

Interesting. I was started on a low dose. I talked to my doctor because it really didn't help much either. So, now I take it twice a day, morning and evening. It works well now. So, I would talk to your doctor and see what he/she suggests.
CelticTinne replied to teelady1's response:
Well I know I am starting a flare up because I can feel the exhaustion again. That is one of my first signs. (or the meds my insurance company decided I needed rather than the one my doctor prescribed isn't working.)

For about a week I could even be in my skin it was so sensitive. My hair couldn't touch me and my sheets were too much. Now the face.

I will talk to my doctor about these systems.

I hope more people respond. Very interested.

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