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    Hump Day ****12/12/12 ***13 days until Christmas *****
    dollbug posted:
    12/12/12****Morning FMily....very strange day we have....odd when it is the same numbers across like this...and only 13 days until Christmas much going on with so little time left...and the new year is right around the corner as well...I was shocked yesterday to learn that right here in America we have over 600,000 people who are homeless...OMG...what is going on...I can only hope and pray that things get better and people find some way to was also reported that the unemployment benefits are getting ready to run out on hundreds of thousands people as is the world did Washington leaders allow such as this to happen? Some people have not been watching out for our country's best interest...and not preparing for a *rainy day* is now too little, too late to *FIX it all*...
    this is too much for me to even wrap my head around...and I can not even imagine how this is going to affect people's futures...there must be a solution...let's all just hope and pray that someone figures it all out...We are one nation under GOD...or at least we use to be...

    I woke up too darn early this morning and it is cold here again...we have had very weird weather for December....but thank goodness I am not close to Cory's town...he said it would be below freezing...keep your weather there...I could not stand this...

    I did sleep this is a plus...any time I sleep ok I feel so much better...waking up so early though is not a good thing for me...I remember when I worked I dreamed of being able to sleep late and not having to rush trying to get ready and go to work...and now I no longer have to rush and I can not sleep late is never as I seemed it might be...always a surprise waiting...something that I had not planned on or expected.

    On Dr. Oz yesterday BIG NEWS about cholesterol seems like there are millions of people who should not be on the is the particles test that doctors should be checking out...and it is the very small particles which cause the main problems for know this is how it has been for years...something is *discovered* and people change their ways according...only to find out that what they changed to was not the right makes one wonder IF anyone really knows what is best for is what it is...

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group...I am sure that soon each of you will soon find something that will help you cope does take time and we are all different so what helps one may or may not help another...only you will know when you have found the right combination which works for you...we, FMers, must keep on keeping on...until we figure it out.

    Vitamins and supplements and doing other things has indeed worked for me...but it took me a long time to figure out just what my body only if I could find something to create *energy*...I would be set...

    Vitamin D...again I want to remind new members to make sure that you ask your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked...which is important to a lot of people these days...low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain...and it can also affect other illnesses as well...and the best thing about this is it is a *cheap fix*...but it does take time to get your level back within the *normal range*...

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

    Have a GREAT DAY...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Morning, still in the hole and dug myself a bigger one. An argument for the century with my DH. He said I didn't invite his Aunt to Christmas. 35 years she comes to my table and brings a small box of cookies and has never lifted a finger for help....and now she wants an invite...I LOST IT.

    See I am a grinch...


    The panel of cholesterol is fractionated and broken down. if you have a high HDL the good cholesterol it is protective to the whole. The LDL (low densitylipids) are the bugger that are the trouble makers. and VLDL (the very low densitylipids) can migrate in to the vessel wall and it is exercise and careful eating to help with this. Often though these are not helped with out meds.

    Many books are written in changing your body with diet and weight control. Being diabetic as well changes tis profile so much. Metabolic syndrome (the pre diabetic) is also in a spot with these panels not being right.

    I didn't see the show but iknow many are treated by Internist in the wrong way...and when arrive to us in cardiology we adjust the meds.

    Just thought I would expound on Mim's comment of cholesterol. You have to thank your liver as he is the guy making well as dietary intake. It is a valuable key in the system and needed. It is part to complete your hormone system, needed for brain.......important stuff.

    It is the processed world we have that is screwing us up. Even if you think you are doing well, the junk in food is not told to you and we really have no idea what we are eating.

    OK, off to the job..............have a better day today, I am going to try and find Christmas again in my heart.

    Mimi I think the fact that the grands are not coming on thwe EVE is what started this tip....before everything else....

    I know "get over it...move on" (I am trying) whine for breakfast!. Hugs , Nancy B
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    I was digging through a drawer this morning where we keep the dry goods and I found a soup mix that had migrated all the way to the back. It's a gourmet split pea soup mix that I'd picked up at the farmer's market ages ago and I'd forgotten it was even here. It is food moth free, unlike some of our other dry goods (still trying to clear the buggers out), and I will be making it this morning. Yippee! I LOVE split pea soup!

    Yesterday was good, despite the warning grumbles form the "visitor". I started out feeling rather crappy; so I chucked my to-do list out the window and washed the dishes instead. I felt a bit better by lunch, and I put some dry beans in to quick soak, in preparation for making soup. The soup turned out excellent, by the way.

    While the beans were soaking, I headed for the bank to cash a Xmas check that a client had sent me. That was a nice surprise, especially since I hadn't worked this year. Then I went to the grocery store and got a few things I needed for round two of my baking marathon. Everything I needed was on sale; so I was even able to get a container of organic chicken broth (also on sale for an unheard of $2.50 a container!) for the soup. I got eggs, cocoa, flour, white and brown sugar, chocolate and white chips, and a jar of peanut butter along with the broth, and I spent a grand total of $16 and change. That was really nice.

    Then I went to our local nursery. They were holding some birdseed for me because it has webs and worms in it, and no one wanted to buy it. They had put it aside to ship back to the company. I got three 5lb bags AND a 25lb bag for literally pennies on the dollar, which was awesome. I came home with 40 lbs of birdseed and filled our seed container (a metal garbage can) to overflowing.

    Normally I can't afford this birdseed. A 25lb bag costs $40, and a 5lb bag costs $11. It's considered a "gourmet" seed blend because it's a mix of sunflower seeds, peanuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, safflower seeds and dried fruit bits. It's also been pre-shelled. I could almost eat it myself, lol. Our birds, which are used to the "cheap" seed, are delighted at this change of food, and they're spreading the message far and wide. They should eat like kings until at least the middle of January.

    After all that, I made the soup. I cooked the beans first (a 16-bean mix); then I combined them with the organic chicken broth, a wild/brown rice blend, and a frozen veggie mix ( green beans, peas, corn, carrots and lima beans). I also added some garlic salt, and we had a delicious soup for dinner. Husband actually had seconds, lol. We had enough left over for today's lunch, and I even put some in the freezer. It feels great when I can do that.

    Today I'm making the split pea soup, and I'll freeze that for the winter. Husband and I will also decorate the tree when he gets home from work. We talked about doing it last night; but he hung three balls up and fell asleep on the couch, so it didn't get done. He has the afternoon off so we'll be doing it today.

    I am feeling like my old (pre-strep) self for the first time in ages. I've been back on the Vitamin D for ten days now, and my levels are coming up. I can tell because I actually get out of bed eager to start the day. I haven't felt like that since the middle of October, and it feels good. I sure hope it sticks around for a while---I've had enough of feeling like roadkill!

    Nancy B.---I wouldn't call you a grinch. If she's been coming for 35 years and hasn't done anything to help, I don't blame you for wanting her there. You need people around you who help make things easier. ((((HUGS))))

    I am off to make the soup now---hope everyone has a good day!
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Thursday everyone. I hope that your today is a good one.

    It's sunny and cold here right now, but it will warm to the middle 50's, thank goodness for that. Three days of cold, gray and rain are enough already! It will be cold tonight, low 20's, They are saying snow showers on Tuesday tho.;- I shouldn't be so surprised, it is after the middle of December. Gosh this month is moving along so fast. Christmas parties are everywhere. DH and I are to our second one this weekend.

    I have a few errands to run and then home to get ready to pick up the two youngest GC. Will take them to the Opry Mills Mall to see Santa, ride the carousel, some candy or ice cream is in the mix. DD called last night and ask me to pick up the little ones so they could wrap presents. I've been there so know how nice it is to have those few hours without the little ones.

    I'm going to close this here and get my day going. I know some of our Roll Call FMily are not feeling well, have other medical issues to deal, myself included in that, and are under the gun financially. To all I wish a good day and a day that is not heavy on your heart or head.

    Gentle Hugs, Linda R.
    angelswife replied to angelswife's response:
    That was, "I don't blame you for NOT wanting her there"! I should check for typos before I hit send!
    katmandulou responded:
    Happy Wednesday!

    Cold but sunny here, 38? now, going up to 41?. Very little Christmas shopping to do, I hope to get it all finished soon so I can concentrate on wrapping. I bought a bunch of felt bags at Big Lots and Target, so it's fold it, stuff it, tag it!

    I'm feeling a bit better every day, but still can't get out of my own way in the morning. The 'low-fiber' diet is just icky! White bread, no raw fruit or veggies, no leafy greens, no granola... I'm dying for the crunch! Friends keep reminding me I need to recover before running around, but it's hard!

    I didn't see Dr Oz yesterday, Mimi, but that's interesting stuff on cholesterol. Even the ads for chol meds show particles, and I've been wondering "what happens if some break off in a big clump?"

    nancy B, you have the right to lose it. Unless Auntie is disabled and can't help, there's no excuse. You could make a deal with your DH - Auntie comes if HE'LL do the cleaning and clearing. Good luck!

    Angelswife, I'm not a big fan of pea soup, but the weather sure is right for a big pot of something warm. Tonight is leftover night/ Trash Eve, maybe I'll start a soup tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

    I wish you all the best Wednesday you can possibly have!
    dollbug replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hello Lou....MiMi in is so good to see your post....I hope you continue to recover nicely....just remember to pace, pace and pace even know sometimes, we, FMers, tend to *forget* that we need to take it easy, especially after a bout with surgery or an illness which we normally do not deal with all the time....sometimes, I know that I *forget* that I deal with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM...before long rears its ugly head at me and I then am reminded, but sometimes it is too little, too late...

    So I have to ask you....exactly what are you able to eat?

    Dr. Oz had a display of 3 sizes representing the cholesterol....a small one, a medium one and then the large one...he said it is only the small particles which can get into places and cause the inflammation which people need to worry about....and it stated it was the *particle test* that doctors should be checking...he also had 2 specialist on the show as was a very good show and I learned a lot from it...

    I do not know how old you are but off and on my entire has been reported what is good for you and what is bad for you...and then later on what was reported at one time is reversed to say just the opposite of what was reported before...

    I do think that all people consume *food with things* that we have no idea what we are eating....which sometimes makes a different in our health...

    I know that when they found out that some women get breast cancer due to a certain gene that was discovered...but over time they have since discovered that not all women who have the gene get breast cancer....(this was another thing I read about)...some women elected to have the test to see if indeed they had the gene...and then decided what to do about it, if anything...cases were followed and what they thought did not turn out to be what the medical researchers thought would happen...

    I am not sure that I go along with what is I think we, FMers, know enough to realize that everyone is different...and what helps one may or may not help another...(I know this has been the case for me.)

    Still wondering though why the Vitamin D issue did not get researched back many years ago...I guess perhaps it was just overlooked. But it seems to be something that they are still looking at now....

    Take care and I hope you get stronger each day...


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    lb707 replied to dollbug's response:
    Good morning,

    Still living with very tight upper back muscles, can't take muscle relaxers any more due to the cardiac issue they caused a while ago. So depending on heat and ice with tramadol.

    My cholesterol is good but dear husband has very high, 3 stents and one mild heart attack. Wish he would've seen Dr. Oz. It is like his taste buds go for higher fat foods(tha bad fats). Good thing he does eat oatmeal and whole grain toast most every morning. I try to pack his lunch to keep him out of McDonald's.....those contractors love that place.

    Hope you all have a good day

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