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How do people cope with a fibro flare
franr posted:
Good Morning

Well another miserable night no sleep and pain. Ithas been along time for me sich I had a fibro flare.The increase in meds is not doing anthing. Tonite the md wants me to pair klonapin with a 1/2o lunester. Has anyone taken this? How do others cope with these terrible fibro flares. Any Encouragement would be helpful. Fran
booch007 responded:

A week late in this posting...sorry. I have alot going on in this body of mine. (My year for a tune up I think?)

Pairing those meds will get you a good nights sleep and it will maybe reset the pain cycle you are in.

I would also take a hot* shower before bed and warm your muscles up a bit....make sure you have a soft place to sleep. Even the couch cushions have been a place to slumber for me in a bad way.

I have a memory foam mattress topper on the bed, SINCE I JOINED HERE. It was one of the best tools i learned to help the night of tossing and turning...and lack of rest.

But I have woke up painfree from being on the couch on the soft cushions there....(don't quite understand it all).

I use a muscle relaxant at night to help with the morning pain I have and I use Tramadol as my pain meds now, moved up from Motrin after years of that....

I wish you well, I hope you are in a better place this week from last. This is a tough mess we are all in , each different from the other...a tweak here and there can make a difference. But is so daunting a challenge to figure out what works for eachother.

Please take advantage of the toolbox in Resources on the right (under Caprise) and look in the posts up under Dr P. SO much knowledge he gave us while he was here......

All my best, Nancy B

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