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anyone out there with kids in military??
rickie3grandsons posted:
our 2nd oldest son will be home from the canadian Army for xmas (so blessed )with what is going on over in Europe it worries me ....he is only been in for less than a yr and wondering with my fibro.and everything else esp.depression how does anyone as a parent get through this I pray alot....please write and cheer me up
merry christmas and gentle hugs he is home on friday hope I can hold the tears....they are coming now ......
forgetful88 responded:
I don't have kids in the military, however, being from a huge military family (15 sibilings) we have many cousins, nephews, neices & in laws in the military. Many overseas, Baghdad, Afghan at the moment.

I just pray every day for their safety,

I guess I am not the type to think about the "would could happen", IF I did I would not be able to live my life.

Same as when my husbands travels (he travels a lot) or about my own 19yr old out on his own.

I can only pray & leave it in Gods hands.
painfullyexhausted responded:
I don't have any children in the military but I know how I felt when my son told me he was seriously considering joining, so I can only imagine what you are going through. We worry every day about our babies no matter their age or what they are getting themselves into but for a military parent it has to be so unbelievably hard. The fear of the unknown will eat us alive.

Just keep in mind that this is what he wants to do with his life and support him as much as possible with positive feed back (easy for me to say, huh). You must be so proud of him !!

You are getting the best Christmas present ever, so cherish every second of it and make lasting memories. I'm so happy for you and you are very blessed to get this special time with your son.

Hope you have an amazing Christmas, happy holidays !

Best of luck....
dawncostella responded:
My youngest is in the Navy and stationed in Italy. He is a corpsman. He doesn't get to come home for Christmas and I am sad I miss him terribly.

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