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franr posted:
Good morning
well after 8 night s of no sleep I was able to sleep off and on every two hours.At least I feel 1/2 normal today. My MD told me to take 1/2 #mgm of lunesta with my klonapin and ultram last night. Has anyone else taken thsi drug before and what results . I am so happy I rejoined this group after many years it is so supportive and informative. It appears once you have fibro you always have it ,it may go into remission even for a long time but one factor is all you need to set it off. Fran
CelticTinne responded:
Congrats Fran. I haven't taken Lunestra but I know how it feels to finally sleep. Since starting the gabapentin I sleep better than I have for years. (Yes I still wake up, but it is usually because I have to go to the bathroom. I take diuretics.) I know for me, once I started sleeping (somewhat) again, everything else I have been dealing with seem almost managable.
franr replied to CelticTinne's response:
Hi Celic-tinne
I have been on neurotin and klonapin for at least 18 years . I guess it is time for adjustment. I was hospitalized two weeks ago BP and cardiac arrythmias. Thank God no heart attack. I believe this brought on this fibro flare.And its a beaut.seeing rheumotologist on mon hope to get some incept into what is going on.thanks

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