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tlp2815 posted:
I have fibro and my neck has really been bothering me. I sleep on a memory foam pillow and I think it may be making my neck worse. What kind of pillows does everyone use? I saw a gel foam pillow in the store and was wondering about those. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
dollbug responded:
Hello and not know if I had *talked* to you yet or not....MiMi in NC....I did want to comment on the pillows....this year I bought some new pillows for one of my children....I got them from a mattress store and they were quite pricey....but he says that they are wonderful....coconut pillows....he tells me also that they keep him he normally sweats a lot anyway...

OK...I also want to add that I sleep in a recliner....with pillows under me...(not by choice though-I want to add)....I do this because this is the only way I have found to limit the pain that I have....I had a *catnapper recliner-the world's best recliner, I might also add....I have had several and they can NOT be least in my own personal opinion....I have feather pillows and they are old...I was also looking at the gel pillows I think these might be my next kind to try....actually I thought about getting one of them to actually *sit* on....since I am still having lower back issues...I have seen the *gel pillow advertised and I can get the regular pillows to try instead locally...

Having neck problems is not a good thing at all...I know that I had cervical surgery due to messed up discs which affected my shoulder and arm....caused pain that I never want to have again...

I hope you find something soon that will help you cope better...I hope you have already tried a heating pad on your neck...mine is my *best friend*...

Take care and good luck...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
Good morning,

I have a few...if in bed I have a memory foam NECK pillow. I switch from hig bump side to low bump side as I need to feel* right to sleep.

I have used a regular pillow with a towel under to raise or lower as needed too.

If in the recliner I have a little tiny guy that fits just perfect behind my neck to support the curve I am supposed to have. No matter what I do I have hand numbness most of the time and wake up 90 y/o. So no magic pillow yet.

I have seen the new one out and thought about it, but will wait til it is not 60.00 for it!

good luck on your hunt. Nancy B

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