fibro mum's daughter (19) now also diagnosed... how to handle this
uschi66 posted:
Dear All,
I have been suffering badly from fibro for many years, was diagnosed about 2 years ago and am just about coping with it myself. Now my 19 year old daughter has also been diagnosed. She is living with me and I want to give her all the support she needs/wants. At the moment she doesn't really want to talk about it. She'sbeen on amitriptyline for two nights now and is really tired, also during the day. I believe this will wear off after a while. I am on gabapentine, so I have no experience with amitryptiline.
I have been managing fibro really well, pacing myself and all - but my daughter's diagnosis has thrown me of track a bit and I am experiencing a huge flare up.
Anyone with a similar experience? How do young adults manage fibro at best? And how do you, as a fibro-afflicted parent, manage to help them and cope with the situation yourself?
Any advise welcome!
dollbug responded:
Hello ....MiMi in sorry that you are dealing with so much right now....I am sure though that with time and effort things will indeed get better for you you probably already know living with the wrath of the dragon is a tough issue to deal with....and it is something that we MUST DO each and every day....there are no quick fixes though....anything and everything associated with *it* takes a process.

I hope you will check out the info under *tips* and resources* that you will find to the right of this page....there you will find some good *tools and tips* that perhaps you have not thought about trying....such as heating pad for pain....drinking plenty of water....and watching what you eat....doing gentle stretches or exercises....(gentle is the keyword for them)....perhaps taking a hot shower at night using lavender bath salts in a stopped up drain....the helps the body to relax so you can sleep better....sleep is so important for us FMers....and keeping our stress level as low as possible is also a MUST....learning how to pace, pace and pace in anything and everything that we do.

You are no longer the same person you once were....we all go through this....and it is hard for anyone to accept....we tend to *forget* that we can no longer go, go and go.....we tend to try to continue the same pace that we have always had....which for most of us is GO.GO.GO....and we continue to do TOO MUCH....well....let me tell you that now this will come back and *BITE YOU*....and it will bite you hard....which is not good for the mind or the body....You will learn soon to say NO....that you can not do this or you have to now take care of yourself....YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.

You should also remember that whatever you decide to takes at least 6-8 weeks of doing whatever before you might get the full benefit of what you are hang in there, unless, of course, it is making you sicker.

I would now also like to encourage you both to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level.....which is so very important to a lot of people these days....low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

I am one of the FMers here who has learned how to *control my FM pain* by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well....this was only after trying different medicines which did not help me without causing other side effects and I did not need another thing to deal with.

You should also remember that what helps one person may or may not help have to be the judge about what works for you.

I hope this helps Nana B must learn how to *dance with the dragon, instead of draggin the dragon*....and you will....just hang in there.

Take care and good luck.


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