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Neurology chiropractor and fibro.
crystalgreeneyes posted:
Greetings to everyone. I sympathize with those of you, most probably, who are having sleeping issues. I slept fairly well last night and when I sleep better, I feel better, no question. I came across some info. in my local paper recently (I am not in the US) regarding an American Board Certified Neurology Chiropractor, who is practicing in my area. He specializes in the treatment of fibro. I looked at his online video and thought, hoped that this might be an option for me. The extensive blood work and other tests he advises, alone cost $1100. and then the treatment (if he decides to take your case) is about another $8000. - $10,000. possibly over the course of a year. He states in the video that he will not accept the excuse of not being able to afford it. His "bedside manner" left something to be desired. In any case, I cannot afford it, not working for over 2 years now, husband lost his business and starting over in a low paying job, expense after expense with house repairs, etc. etc. However, there may be some of you who can afford this and may want to look into it.
Glad to say that mood wise I am not crying every single day like I was a couple of weeks ago, even though my pain has been worse perhaps than usual. I have these weird stabbing pains in either side of my head on and off for most of the day. Does anyone have this?
I sat with disbelief watching the news coverage and I had this strange and awful feeling that it couldn't be real. I am struggling with this a bit as I am sure so many all over the world must be. My sister who is a principle of an elementary school in a small town is reeling over this tragedy.
Best wishes to all. Good health, sleep well. Peace and love.
dollbug responded:
Hello.....MiMi in NC.....I have also looked into the chiropractors who claim to treat FM at a very costly amount.....I think we all know that there is NO CURE for FM....and I can not even believe any sort of treatment being worth the thousands of dollars that these people are willing to charge a person.

What I looked into was some sort of treatment dealing with the was like putting on a headset and having lights and sound *connect*.....interesting concept I guess but a very expensive one.....I bet also that IF the treatment does not work, then there are NO REFUNDS.

I think that when someone actually *discovers* something to work that it will be available to everyone without being so very costly.

This is my personal opinion. I try to remember the saying.....*if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
(too good to be true).

Take care.


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lb707 replied to dollbug's response:
I so see a chiro who does not specialize in fibro, but does help. He is well known and would tell you there is no chiro who can cure fibro, maybe helps but that is all. All I have is my co-pay.

There is no way I would spend that kind of money even if I had on an unproven treatment. Just my opinion......think of it if it actually worked I think insurance would cover it.


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