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anyone get rashes?
rj1600 posted:
does anyone get rashes during a flair? maybe on the face or anywhere?
foreversore responded:
I don't necessarily get a rash you can see but I do get areas of skin that are super sensitive to touch and other areas that just itch like crazy.
jennagale76 responded:
My face breaks out on the sides of my cheeks and down my neck below my ears. Never thought it had anything to do with fibro.
georgia888 responded:
I've had a chronic rash for almost a year now & can't seem to attribute it to anything other than the fibro.

The rash is mostly on my back, some on my abdomen & some on the arms. It flares at night when if I start itching, I just can't seem to stop. The itching is sometimes worse than the pain of fibro.

Skin rashes prove a tough challenge for doctors & patients. I've given up trying to figure out its cause & refuse to try steroids or any other damaging drug.

I do believe that it's caused by a weakened immune system, much of what explains many of the fibro symptoms.

Best of luck in finding relief.


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