It Has Been a While Since I Posted
Dixiegal12344 posted:
It has been a while since I posted to this answer to lots of questions, my son and daughter are doing daughter had kind of a scare here while back, because during a checkup, the doc found "abnormal cells"...further testing ruled out any cancer, thank God !!! My son still has his skin cancer as the doctor told us it couldn't be cured, just, he has been doing the light treatments...He and I have moved from south Arkansas to North Arkansas to be near my youngest daughter....since my last posting, my oldest daughter has been diagnosed with several things, including cardiomyopathy...things that affect the heart...she is now taking about 13 kinds of medication a day...she has applied for SS disability, has been denied a few times, but is still trying....say a prayer for her so she can get her disability..once she does, she and her husband will move closer to the rest of us...
My problems are still with me, including another problem that started a couple of months head began roaring and buzzing terribly and my balance is really messed up....doc ordered a CT Scan...found some problems that that need to be addressed, so I'm seeing a surgeon in January 2013 to have that seen to...of course, I still have all my assorted aches and pains, fatigue, depression, etc...I'm still taking the Juice I said before in a previous post, that helps me a lot...still taking Wellbutrin for depression, Xanax for anxiety attacks, plus all the, I am going to therapy to see if talking to someone will help me be less stressed...will let you know how that goes...
dollbug responded:
Hello Dixiegal and welcome you probably know...once a FMer, always a seems like members come and go...they appear for a while and then disappear...some never to be heard of again and others pop in every now and then to update everyone on what is going on in their life...we are always here...

Sorry that you are dealing with so much...I hope both your son and daughter will soon be better...sometimes people just have to learn how to deal with whatever we are *blessed with* we never know what we just might encounter. I hope your daughter will continue to appeal the SS it is just the process that they system make it hard on people who really need it.

I also hope that things go well with you also...if you have surgery I hope you will recover well and soon. As you probably already does take us FMer time to recover from almost anything.

I do hope you will continue to post and keep us updated on what is going on with you and your family as well.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas as well.

Take care.


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fibroinsd responded:
welcome back...cece
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foreversore responded:
Nice to meet you. I hope to hear more from you soon as this is a good place to get stuff off your chest.
Dixiegal12344 replied to dollbug's response:
Man, have I ever realized that once an FMer, always a FMer....I realize more and more about the pain and have been terrified of falling and breaking something or else just injuring myself...I felt like that it would hurt as much or more than the pain I have, I know....I caught my toe in an extension cord earlier this week and fell, hitting on both knees and hands...bruises everywhere, skinned knee, but the one I'm concerned about is the knee replacement knee...guess I'm afraid something will mess up with that....and the old adage, it will hurt worse on the 3rd day...that's absolutely the truth.....I'm doing better, thank God, but still cripping around trying to not hit my knees on anything...of course, depression is a constant companion...because of the ear problem, roaring and buzzing in head, I've sort of withdrawn...why go out anywhere when I can't hear and am so dizzy...this does not make for a very happy person, right??? I've never been a happy go-lucky person...all my feelings show on my face and I just can't fake it...but I sure would love to have a little joy now and then...anyway, thanks for the kind words....
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Thanks, I sure wish I could put the fun back in dysfunctional...
Dixiegal12344 replied to foreversore's response:
Thanks, you will probably hear more from me....I have loads of stuff to get off my chest...hahaha...being stressed and upset like I am today is certainly not helping at all...when I do get upset, stressed, angry, etc., it takes me a few days to recover....I'm usually wiped out till then...
lb707 replied to Dixiegal12344's response:
My biggest fear is of falling as I know I can deal with no more pain......and the sad thing my balance is so far off I know it could happen at any time.

To think that is that for the first few years after I knew I had fibro I could continue to downhill ski, just not the moguls. Now I not sure I could get off the chair lift without giving everyone a few laughs. If I made it off the chair lift I might end up on the bunny hill.....far cry form moguls.

Dixiegal12344 replied to lb707's response:
I agree with you, Laura, one of my greatest fears was having to deal with more pain....but, I'm coping...not very well, mind you, but I'm coping...having these headaches, muscle aches, being exhausted all the time, depressed all the is awful and a hard thing to deal with, too...I want to celebrate Christmas like I used to do, but right now, it is beyond me to do that kind of thing...I didn't decorate or anything...takes too much energy...I did my Christmas shopping online and had things shipped to me...sure saves me a lot of wear and tear going to the stores and fighting the crowds...
I'm doing good to just get out of my chair and move around the house.....what hurts the most is I feel that folks don't understand and think I'm just "putting on" as the old saying goes....but, I can honestly say that these pains, etc are about to get me matter what anybody else things...good night and gentle hugs to everyone....