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Fibro, Shingles, and PHN
HeatherMC posted:
I've been diagnosed with fibro for nearly 20 years. Last May, I had shingles on my trunk (devil's whip). The doctor put me on antivirals, and the rash faded within about 10 days. Ever since then, I've had bouts of PHN. Is this normal? Is there a link between fibro and shingles?
booch007 responded:
Good morning,

At first I thought you also had Pulmonary Hypertension (so sad a dx) BUT again I looked and figured Post Herpetic Neuralgia.

This is a catch 22 for anyone to remain after a bout of shingles. It is troublesome to life changing for some. The Rx is often Lyrica or Neurontin to help. But I have not read that we are any more prone to it then the general population.

This is damage done to the nerves while the virus was active. I took the Zostavax vaccine in this past year. I am hopeful it will help me in the future. I think it increases your ability not to have another breakout, but it will not fix the harm done already.

Look into having lidoderm (rx) around when it gets out of hand, cooling the nerves also may help. Nerve conduction is increased in cooler climates, so it may help.

I am so sorry you have more on your plate. Your FM toolbox must be good as I see you are not posting so much and you are dealing with this for 20 a pro with dancing with this dragon of it is to learn to dance with the PHN.

They have always told me getting older is not for sissy's...well I have to truly agree! Life is challenging.

Good luck with learning the best tricks to quiet this down.
All my best, Nancy B

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