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Upper back pain
franr posted:
Good Morning Fibro folks
Please let me wish all of you a blessed Christmas. I pray every nite that we all feel better and please enjoy your families.
I was starting to feel better but feel since I have been switched to xanax from Klonapin I feel more anixet and jittery.The MD feels it is a swap.But I had a bad da yesterday and now have severe back pain in the middle of my shoulder blades like someone is stabbing me with a knife. I hope to get to the chirpractor by friday maybe he can break up . The knot.Has anyone experienced anything like this. Meds are really stillnto working great.Hugs to all
lb707 responded:

I have just went through a very bad bout with my mid shoulder area, the chiro could help but it would not last so I went to see my Dr. I was even blaming the chiro when she said it was no wonder it was so bad and the muscles were so tight it was hard to see which ones were causing the problems.

Her RX were trigger point injections of lidocaine and then the chiro the next week, I am to keep this up for a few weeks. With the help of both of them I am getting some neede relief.....I cannot take muscle relaxers so I use heat and ice alternating them for 10 min a couple of times a day.

It had become so bad both hands and forearms were numb and I was dropping things. Much better.....not perfect but better.

booch007 responded:
Good morning . Massage and a hot pak can do wonders for me. Maybe you can do this? It breaks it up..

Hope you are feeling a bit better as I write this. . Nancy B

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