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Christmas Day ******12/25/2012****** It arrived *******
dollbug posted:
Merry Christmas FMily......MiMi in NC....I was really very sick last night.....not a good thing for the mind or the body.....and I had SO much to do.....well, nothing got DH and I went to get a late lunch out and I got sick soon after I ate....yes...I do think it was what I ate. Anyway....I had already asked our children over for dinner last DH had to fix it.....they just had hot dogs....since this is what they wanted....(angus weiners)....I am sure it was good....

I do miss the times which I just got in bed when my older son thought it was time to get up to see what Santa brought....and he would then proceed to wake other the other 2.....OMG....

I am running late this I still have things to do.....

Here is hoping everyone had a better night than I did and I hope we all have a WONDERFUL MERRY CHRISTMAS.....

I hope each of you found the Christmas spirit/magic and will have a GREAT DAY.

Remember the reason for the season and exactly what Christmas is all there are some who no doubt have forgotten.


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angelswife responded:
Sorry, Mimi---I have a holocranial migraine this morning myself. I get them very seldom, thankfully, but It WOULD have to happen today. I am throwing everything in my toolbox at it except the heavy meds, because I have two gatherings to go to and I at least want to be awake. Probably shouldn't have sampled those exotic cheeses yesterday.

Anyway---With Aleve in hand, a heat patch on my neck, and Stopain all over my forehead, I am off to spend time with family and friends. Let's hope this settles in time for dinner. Marry Christmas, everyone!
fibroinsd responded:
Merry Christmas.. sorry you got sick..and angelswife..hope the migraine didn't stop your fun..

Had a nice night at church..except when dad felt dizzy and left..with my DH following..and I stayed with mom..found out later that he found a chair in the back..which was pretty amazing since the place was packed..we all found each other afterwards..and made it home..but mom said Dad almost fell, although I don't know how she would remember.

Had breakfast this morning..and dad just wasn't too much there..and seemed cold all the time to clean up and get ready for dinner..
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xperky responded:
Merry Christmas everyone!

I was able to make it through the evening dinner at the inlaws, and even brought two dishes to share. I was worried I would have trouble from all the pushing of myself, but am fine.

Sorry to hear of other members having sickness and family illnesses today. I hope a day of rest is in your future.
With Compassion,

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