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    Hump Day *****12/26/2012 *****Day after Christmas *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily.....MiMi in NC....and I hope each and every one had a very Merry Christmas.....I am feeling better today.....I am glad that I got through this....I do hate when I get it seems to last forever...(at the time)...we had a nice Christmas lunch and Alec was tired by this time. I think everything was a bit just too much for him. He is just a little sweetheart. His school sponsored a gift shop for any of the children who wanted to *go shopping for Christmas*....Alec told his mommy that he wanted to get everyone a gift....she gave him money and sure enough he picked out everyone a Christmas gift, all by himself...I thought this was so sweet. And he was so proud that he could do this.

    Alec had a good Christmas...and I was not even able to finish getting ready the gifts I had for him. I was only to do so much since I was sick... I hope I can do this today.
    Santa brought him a little tent and games and things. So it was a good day for everyone.

    I was able to talk to Noah for a minute....he does not like talking on the phone. I am sure he is ready to come home.
    I think they will be back at the end of the week. It has been a rough time for them. So much sadness during the holiday.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. It does take a trial and error process which does take time and effort. What works for one may or may not work for someone else.

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor about getting your Vitamin D level checked. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    Here is hoping today will be a good day for all of us.

    Be safe and stay warm.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning fmily and Mimi,

    OMG what a two day affair. The magic was palpable right down to the kids yelling OMG IT IS SNOWING!! Then the littlest said, "Santa did that so he can come with my gifts....."

    My Spiderman doll was the hit with him and we all got *webbed*. I got a D* on the plastic plates......well at least for the ravioli apparently, but it sure was nice to throw everything out and not wash dishes and utensils....

    I was 3/4 through when the wall came and I couldn't move, the legs were locked from points in the hips and the back was shot. Funny the neck (my nemesis) was quiet.

    DH finished the cake part and I sat in Santa's chair taking in the whole crowd.

    I reset well on Christmas day with the extra meds I took....but then I had dinner at my house at 5pm plus (not when I am any good) and we had china and glasses and full meal (only 8 ) but I can't tell you how it has put me in the recliner with pain...the GC jumping on me and hugging me and Maddy wanting me to hold her.....supporting them on the rocking horse we have here... It put me over the top. My two DIL's are bonded and just sat talking and sharing (that is good.....) but it left me in trouble .

    The house is chaos, and I am so glad I took off today to help start the straightening.......I will go for a massage later. I missed shots on the eve because I got the stomach bug that was going around and diarrhea and nausea were annoying me.....BUT I don't have shots now til January 14th. SO...I need as many tools from the box as I can find...

    I so hope that the holidays were special for the fmily. I see some of you on FB and saw the joy of the season as the days unfolded....The added snowfall here made it a special event as I gave out sleds as well....and we were pulling them on the rugs around the house (and then I ask why my body hurts!)

    It is time to plan the resolutions for the New Year! The hopes of changing something for the better and getting things in line...
    I will put some ideas on the burner and figure out mine. I did buy me a scanner to get the JUNK in my life filed and then burned away to decreae the DH is so patient a man!*

    Best gift I got...Maddy called me Nana and also spontaneously said I"I love YOU" as "I WWUUUU" She is not speaking yet....slow to start and I know it will be FOREVER when she starts!

    OK...what was your best gift? Hugs to all, a low pain day in the hopes for the fmily at large..and stay WARM! Nancy B
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Hi All... I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas... Mine was up and down but lovely just the same... As the Christmas Spirit cannot be forgotten in my heart no matter the situation...

    My greatest Present came from God as He kept me gallently out of bed and strong enough to have that very Merry Christmas Spirit afore mentioned... I was having my doubts I could accomplish it... I had been very ill all week and very very ill Christmas Eve... But I woke up Christmas Day with a bright spirit and a song in my soul... I could feel my angels holding me up with every step I took...

    My heart was still a bit empty in spots for it would have been my DH and mine 13th wedding anniversary and insted today is the year anniversary of his death... I still shed tears inside and out... Still feel him hold my hand and tell me how he love me and he is so proud I am strong...

    I don't feel strong today... I feel so lost without him at times... It still hurts so bad... But he is not in our pain now... He i whole again and not fighting to walk on a fake leg... He isn't having chet pain every other day for a weak heart... He is happily healthy... And I am sure he has found a wonderful brook to fish by... And he is warming it up for me...

    And he has joined my long list of angels watching over me and keeping me safe... You know those that break all my falls so I don't break anything... lol... They have their jobs built up for them... I am definitely keeping them busy lol...

    The grandkids had a magical Christmas... They were all tired out lat night... They are sleeping late... lol...

    I have physical therapy... and soft tissue therapy is electrical hot massage and then massage with an object... then a tough massage by my therapist... then ice packing it... He hasn't done anything yet for my balancing... Better start soon... Today is #4 of 15... Can't use them all in one shot... Not with my parkinsons on the roll... need to save some for latter...

    I need to get ready to go... You all have a wonderful day...

    Take Care... Love... Jan/Dakota
    katmandulou responded:
    It's over. not let's shop for true bargains! LOL

    Cold here, with a dusting of snow Christmas morning. There's still a little out there in the shady spots. Nobody seemed disappointed with their gifts, even DH, whom I surprised with a Keurig coffee maker. [He surprised me with a Nook eReader.> The kids get books (the little ones) or bookstore gift cards (high school and college kids), and they can all use them. I added one of those USB thumb drives, and they all said "I can really use this!"

    We saw all our siblings but one, and most of our nieces and nephews. Some are coming later this week. I ate everything and am paying for it today! I also broke out in hives Christmas Eve, and I'm still trying to figure out why. The started on my feet and legs and have expanded up my body.

    I wish you the best Day-After-Christmas you can possibly have,
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good middle of the week and last Wed of 2012 everyone. Hard to believe the next few days will be the last days of 2012 and then a new year with new and wonderful beginnings.

    I can only stay on a few lines cause DH and I are putting the house and yard back to normal. it was really quite interesting to see the house go back in less than an hour, the yard, well it's spitting snow, cold and windy, so it's taking a much longer time to take down the lights and place then into their containers. But by days end the house will look normal and I like it better that way.

    I hope this post finds each of you rested from your holiday festivities and that you are feeling well. @ Jan Dakota, I know you are dealing with the memories of your DH but as you say he is your angle watching over you. I hope you begin to feel better. DH and I went to see Le Mes yesterday and it's a wonderful movie. A MUST SEE, A NOT MISS movie. It will take best picture at the Oscars. Russel Crow will get a Oscar nod. He was GREAT. So if you have a free afternoon or evening go see it.

    We may not be able to go to NC after all as the weather is just so bad between here and there. DD has called twice today telling us how bad the weather is there and their area is under a tornado alert and the rain is just pouring down And she said will not be good for the next few days. So I guess we're not going.

    OK DH wants me to help him. Have a GREAT day and am sending gentle hugs to all.. Linda R
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Mimi!
    Xmas is over and I survived, lol...I'm not sure what kicked it off, but I woke up with a holocranial migraine Xmas morning, and I was beyond annoyed. It was a good, but tough day. I was using everything in my toolbox but the heavy meds so I'd at least be awake to enjoy the get-togethers. The first was at mom's, and the second one was at our pastor's house.

    Dinner at mom's wasn't bad---as usual, though, SIL didn't think twice about carting her sick kids to mom's with her. My niece was getting over a cold and my nephew was in the full throes of it---he was hacking, croupy and running a fever. At the table, he was talking about how pepper makes people sneeze, and he sneezed right after and baptized the table. He is not too good on the covering his mouth bit because he's only three. Husband and I, sitting opposite him, got the full benefit of the sneeze, lol. We will see how good our immune systems are now!

    After mom's, I had to go and shovel out my client. We'd only gotten an inch of snow, but it was so cold yesterday that it only partially melted and refroze. Her sidewalk was a mess, and Husband and I had to really scrape it. Then I had to haul the 50-lb bucket of sand out to the front so we could sand the walk. I strained my shoulder doing this, but was so busy dealing with the migraine that I didn't notice that until I woke up this morning. I've been pampering it today, because I'm sure I'll have plenty of shoveling tomorrow. We are due for some good snow any minute now.

    After the client was done, Husband and I went to our pastor's for his annual Xmas open house. I was so tired out from the headache that I didn't socialize much, but there were so many people there that no one really noticed. I found a chair right in front of the fireplace and sat there soaking up the heat. I also ate enough homemade meatballs to fill three of me and sampled a couple of triple chocolate cookies. I think I gained five pounds from the meatballs, but they were so good I couldn't stop eating them. They had been simmered in a mix of barbecue sauce and grape jelly and the taste was out of this world.

    We stayed there for several hours...I proved to myself once and for all that I should never open my mouth when I have a migraine, because I can't predict what will come out of it. When I was saying goodbye to our pastor, he was joking that if I leaned over any further I would be in his lap. (He was sitting on the couch). I blurted out, "Good, because that's exactly where I'd like to be." I promptly turned thirty shades of red, and he cracked up laughing and couldn't stop. It wasn't at all what I'd meant to say.

    See, our pastor is this big bear of a guy. He's over six feet tall and weighs almost 300 pounds, but he's so big he doesn't look fat. When he hugs you you disappear inside it. I really wanted a hug because I felt so miserable, and I was going to ask him for one; but that was what came out instead. I am glad he wasn't offended , but I was awfully embarrassed. The filter between my thoughts and my mouth disappears when I have a migraine.

    Aside from a badly strained shoulder, I'm feeling much better today. Husband and I did a little shopping this morning; then he watched cop shows on TV all afternoon and I listened to music and crocheted. I have a bunch of belated gifts to finish up; and now I actually have time to do them. My church friends have realized I can crochet fingerless gloves and I am getting requests left and right. I'm glad I have the time now to get them all done!
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Hello everyone, I got lost in the Holiday hustle for a bit but it has finally gotton back to normal now. It started wen I was running errands on Friday in Duluth 25 miles away. I had 7 or 8 stops plus a phoncall to pick up some Jeep parts I have been wating on. I picked them up and headed back home. It was about an 8 hr day of stop and go but it went well.

    Saturday I felt compelled to go lay in the driveway for 6 hrs and install my new parts since it was 25 out and supposed to drop off the next couple days. I knew it would clobber me and it did. I hadn't quite finished my job so I went back out in the morning at only 10 degrees, but I had several warm layers on and the sun was out. After three more hours I was done. A big project but it went off withought major issues, the mior ones were dead drill batteries and my air tools not being usable because my air compressor took a poop right after I started.

    I was in tough shape most of Sunday but felt alright Monday AM. We went to my sister in-laws for our traditional breakfast with french toast. It is not your usual french toast. My wife makes it with chunky cinnimon bread. It is very good.

    We went to dinner that night at my sisters and it was perfect. I gave my mom a ride and we all had a nice visit on the way there and back. Dinner itself was simple so nobody was confined to the kitchen. We all just talked and had a great time.

    Christmas day was a bit tougher, but good . My wifes familly is getting big. Her grandmother still has it at her house and she is about 85 now. All of her kids help, but it's cramming about 30 people in a rambler that is tough for me. Most of the family is tighter than my we are with the group so we are kind of quitly sitting on the sidelines. Some of them are amazing people, others can be hard to tollerate in small spaces:0

    We finished off the holiday at my wife's uncle's house. There is a small group there, casual conversation, and everyone feels welcome. It was a nice finish.

    This morning I woke for work a disaster. I don't know why but I was a wreck all day. I got lucky at work with the days task being a simple one. I have pain piled up all over. I hope I can sleep it off some for tomorrow. I am greatful it's only a three day week!

    Work has me pretty disgruntled lately. It's a nice shiney, reliable, big bus with nobody driving it. There are just a bunch of experts in the back telling us wich way the bus should turn up ahead, yet still no driver.

    It was nice to get back here again. It sounds like you all had a pretty good holiday. Be back soon, take care everyone.


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