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    Saturday *****12/29/2012 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...where it is cold this early morning...but I guess this is to be much of the country is having weird and strange weather....I am glad that it is dry but I think they said rain is headed our way some of us know the dampness is not a good thing for a lot of us...

    Here is hoping everyone had a good night's rest....and I hope today each of you will have little to no pain....with plans for a good New Year. We all have to at least hope for this anyway.

    Noah came home last night and I had to go up and see him. I think he grow a couple of inches while he was away. I was so glad to see him. He is such a little joy for me, always happy and smiling....he was glad to be home.

    We will have the boys' Christmas today. I know they will be happy....

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group recently.....I think this site is growing again. Sorry that you are dealing with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM.. but please know that we understand just what you are faced with each day. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better...

    I hope the new members will check out the info under *tips* and *resources* I am sure you will find some good tools that perhaps you will want to try....(you will find them at the right of this page)...

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level....which is important to a lot of people these days...low Vitamin D can cause some of us to have additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS******do you have any?


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    booch007 responded:
    Morning Mimi and Fmily,

    Draggin my dragon these days....but he is coming along once pulled! I have put my weight back on and IT is draggin me too.....This is the New Year thoughts get the pounds back off. I did well for 2 years and then got addicted to raisins and nuts* (crap) all my life I never ate now I have this urge? Crap!

    So, uphill I go again. I did it a few times and hold it a while and lose ground......I have to get a better lifestyle in there....coming home from work and crashing to the couch so tired is all I have. Pacing is not something you can do so often in the office, plus you get so in the moment...

    Tonight I have such a surprise coming....I am staying overnight to watch the girls...I am packing ALL mt tools and an air mattress as apposed to thinking their bed would be OK. I know the couch is not. I haven't had shots for 3 weeks now and am in a pickle and I have 2 more to go so I MUST be careful.

    I planned to bake cookies with them....(snowmen cookies) and I got Frozen Yogurt...bringing a DVD player to watch the new movies I got them...(I don't know how to work theirs). Then bought pancake bisquick for breakfast so I hope to make a Nana magic night and morning.....

    Hoping it happens and the body doesn't give me too much trouble. I will pack extra meds for help....but I bet it all goes great. They loved their Christmas stuff. I posted the house and mess that was left. That cleanup cost me more then doing the Eve....Now I hear people lost things here and I haven't found them........ The paper was picked up and chucked so it seems stuff was attached..I had no idea and was not part of so much during the night., I crashed to the Santa chair, So I feel bad.

    Well, I thats it for today. I wish all a better day today and hopeful for the new year that we get help for this problem we endure. Nancy B
    fibroinsd responded:
    Well, Mimi and Nancy...sounds like you will both be having a great time with the much fun...I hope it goes well for you both.

    DH went in to work at the thrift shop (volunteer) today, and I went to my parents. On Friday, my dad got a call from the doctor's clinic at UCSD saying that he has a UTI and needed an antibiotic..well, for some reason, they asked my dad something about which doctor to send it to..or is all very confusing to me..and so they sent it to the primary care doctor..who said he did not have a UTI and wouldn't give him anything for now we are into the long weekend..and I haven't been able to make much sense of all this. The caregiver got much of the messages..but I can't figure it all out.

    I went over there today, and dad wasn't feeling well. There wasn't much in the house to I went to the store, got some food and dad some cranberry juice..and I think by the time I left he was a bit better..He had some diarrhea ( sorry if it is TMI)...and we got that taken care of too....but it was not fun to deal with...

    now I am home,, is rainy out..and I should go exercise..but I am enjoying the peace and quiet..sitting in my son's old bedroom (now our office)..and enjoying the view outside..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Mimi,
    Coming on late...the day started well but it crashed and burned this afternoon. I'm tired and sad and ready for bed.

    It started when I went to pick up a prescription and our card was declined. When I checked later, it turned out the bank had hit us with an overage charge when we still had money in the account, and the charge itself put us in the red. Then we had a bill hit, and that put us even deeper. I had to leave the prescription at the pharmacy, and I have no idea when I'll actually be able to get it. I couldn't put gas in the van either.

    When I got home, the bottom dropped out of the day. I got on the computer, and the first thing I saw was an email from my best friend, letting everyone know his daughter had killed herself. She was only 44...Apparently she'd been on Vicodin for years for pain, and it had damaged her liver. But her MD kept saying there was nothing wrong with her and that she shouldn't be having so much pain. I guess she just gave up.

    Last night she wrote a note, apologizing for what she was doing and saying she couldn't take it any more. Then she shot herself in the head. I don't know who found her, but my friend got the news this morning. We are all stunned, as you can imagine.

    As if that wasn't enough, I also got an email saying another close friend is in hospice. She is way out of the area, so I can't just jump in the van and see her. I emailed her and she sent one back; and we've basically said goodbye to each other over the computer. She understands, of course, but sometimes a computer is a piss-poor substitute for a real hug. I want to hold her in my arms as she goes and I can't. I can only love her from a distance.

    So that's been my day...It's snowy and cold out, and I'm thinking of going to bed soon. At the moment there's no reason good enough for staying up!
    lb707 replied to angelswife's response:
    I am so sorry Angleswife if there are typos excuse me as I am really crying for you. You have way too much on your plate. I have been worrying about you shoveling snow but this is all just over the edge.

    If I could hug you I would but not way could or would I fly cross country.

    Breathe deep and pray is all I know what to say.

    fibroinsd replied to angelswife's response:
    Sharon...once again, I want to say I am so sorry to hear all the bad news...way too heart and prayers go out to you...cece
    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    foreversore replied to angelswife's response:
    Angelswife I am so sorry to hear all of the bad things that you are dealing with right now. It is never easy to deal with at any time of the year but during the stressful holiday season anything bad just seems compounded somehow. I lost my father in law on Christmas Eve after a long battle with heart disease and diabetes. He has also had several instances of unexplained internal bleeding this year and his body just couldn't hold out any more. We had his funeral yesterday.

    We have yet to celebrate Christmas in our house, we will be doing it tomorrow but with a heavy heart. We managed to eke out a Christmas for the kids even though my husband's boss laid him off temporarily 2 weeks before Christmas. We haven't been in much of a holiday mood but we will try tomorrow for the kids.
    angelswife replied to foreversore's response:
    I'm sorry about your father-in-law. ((((HUGS)))) You are in my thoughts and prayers. XO
    foreversore replied to angelswife's response:
    Thank you so much. We miss him but we know he is in a better place where he no longer has to fight and where he can be pain free and have the peace he didn't have here on Earth. ((((HUGS)))) back at ya. And you will also be in my thoughts and prayers as we struggle to get through this difficult time.

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