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Finally recieved an answer
franr posted:
Good Morning Fibro friends
Well xmax put me back to the begining. It is the insomenia that brings on the agonizing pain.I spent the last few days in bed.with heating pads and warm pack. I did reread Dr Stylands Fibromyalgia Advocate and said states nausea,vomiting,and loss of appetite is caused by inflamation of the stomack muscles. I now know I am not crazy because my appetite loss.I have had these symptoms years before and forgot about my journal until I reread it yesterday.Being the holiday week no MD's around. End up in ER which I thought was akidney stone but MD thinks its all fibo. Does anyone see any MD's in the Boston area that they would recommend.I feelmy docs are just pacifying me.Increas the lunesta one said yesterday.This is not the way it work. Well gearing up for stow heading our way. Peace to all of you.Fran
fibroinsd responded: sorry you are going through so much...I am up now...late at night..having a hard time getting to sleep myself..Usually taking a muscle relaxant at night is enough to help me sleep, but not tonight...hopefully soon...

I surely do hope that your stomach settles you think the lunesta could be adding to the problems instead of helping it? Sometimes you have to be careful about side effects.

Webmd does not allow us to recommend doctors on here, even if we knew of one..but since I am on the other side of the country, I wouldn't know one anyway. There use to be another site..but I forget what it is called, that use to have a list of doctors..maybe someone else will remember what it is called..I will keep trying to think of it..

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