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Fibro Flare
franr posted:
Good Morning Fibro folks
As I look at the snow that fell on Boston we recieved about 4-8 inches and realize how many of us suffer worse in the winter. Today is sunday and I am usually heading out the door for Mass . This makes about 4 weks I have miss it. I am trying to lay low. As I said yesterday in my post I haven't had a bad flare up like this since 1998. I Guess I have been lucky. And today there is so much known about this disease. I guess the flare lasted 4 months. But age is not on my side and with that we have less coping mechanisms. I guess you are you are never rid of this disease.These pills really are not working so I will be going into Boston to see an MD to see what they can offer me. Sleep doesn't come easy.If I am lucky It is between 2-4 hours but unrestful. My I feel as all of do we are missing so many aspects in our life because of this,the pain I can take my a sense of normalcy is hard. My question is how long do your fibro flares last and how do you get through it. Peace to you all. Fran
1wareaglefan responded:
Hello, Fran, I'm so sorry you're in the midst of a bad flare. I've had them last several months, too. I would suggest you talk to your doctor about adding something for your sleep. Getting such a small amount every night is definitely affecting your pain level. There are many meds that can help....older antidepressants (trazadone is a good one), or a muscle relaxer. I'd say this is the number one thing that helps me.

Also, using a heating pad or heated throw help me. That, plus giving myself permission to rest, take my meds on time, and pace myself help me.

I do hope you and your doctor can come up with a better plan for you. Good luck!


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