New Here
seawench2002 posted:
Hi. This is my first post here, 2nd post anywhere! Hope I can be of some encouragement and find some comfort too. I was dx in 2000 after a major hysterectomy and have been on the med go round and the doc musical chairs and have been on Oxycontin 10 mg in the am and 20 at night. Lyrica every day and Lortab when it gets unbearable. I have other issues like arthritis and back problems too.
I am trying to be positive but sometimes this is all just too overwhelming.
That's why I came here.
lb707 responded:
Overwhelming I understand, you just want off the merry go round and it will not stop. will find most have to deal with more than one problem. The more I read they all seem to be some how related.

For as many people on this board you find as many ways of dealing through meds or alternative ways. I myself use a combo of both to make It through....just did my combination of yoga/Pilate's DVD for chronic pain, took my anxiety meds and 100 mil of I will read a few posts play Mahjong for 20 min and off to bed.

Hope to see you around.
booch007 responded:
Good morning Seawench,

I like the name! Live by the shore? I am so sorry you need to be here, but so glad for the first post.

So many are on this board and don't post as they are afraid to talk or share. Or feel there is nothing to say.

It is healing to help another and believe me, inside you are tricks that none of us have thought of.....and could be the difference in a better day for someone.

Like the yell out of epsom salts years ago....that was all it took, alot tried it and found it better for them. A hug from another is a good thing.

We have strong shoulders to help with the frustrations of this disease and help to understand the well people around you. I was thinking of this last night. Trying to remember back when i took everything I did for granted...... Changed my way now!

I plan each thing and pace the day and fear a line cross even when it goes OK....(as I cross it anyway!).

Please keep on your boxing gloves and fight this everyday, giving in gives this dragon of ours more to take....movement is at times so challenging, but so necessary to maintain function.

I am so glad you came and please saty and post. All members of the fmily are important.

Take care, Nancy B
angelswife responded:
Good morning, seawench--welcome to the FMily! It's nice to meet you, although I'm sorry you have to be here.

If you haven't already, I suggest you check out our Member Toolbox link. I believe it is in the Resources section. The Resource area has several pages. You have to go to page 4 for the Member Toolbox link, but it is worth the read. It contains all the things we have tried to feel better. You will see there are lots of options.

Also on page 2 (I think) of Resources is the link for Nutrition and Vitamins. I would recommend you read that one too. Those two links are the best place to start. There is plenty of information to explore---I think you will find it helpful.

Have you ever had your Vitamin D levels checked? You will see that one of our members (dollbug) is always reminding us to do that. A lot of us with Fibro have found we have low levels and need to supplement. Low D can make the Fibro symptoms worse, especially that deep bone pain. The test is not a standard one, so you need to ask specifically for it. It is worth getting it done to see where you are.

I understand about feeling overwhelmed. Being positive can be a challenge when it feels like all you have to look forward to is more of the same. We've all been there. Please keep coming and posting so we can get to know you. This is an awesome, understanding group.