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    Myofascial pain and fibro. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone
    crystalgreeneyes posted:
    Dear Nancy. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my posts. I am grateful for your advice and I wish you and everyone a very happy new year.
    I was diagnosed with myofascial pain in my right shoulder neck area about a year ago. I mentioned to you about the nerve block injections which was a very bad experience for me. Are trigger point injections the same thing? I am experiencing much worse pain in the past few days than ever before. I go in the shower and cry too because I don't know what to do. I was initially prescribed morphine 20 mg. for the MP and that made me very, very sick and didn't alleviate the pain. When I weaned off it after only a few months I had terrible withdrawal symptoms and suddenly I had fibromyalgia as well. I keep going to the Dr. and saying the same things over and over. In addition to this, I feel a sort of whirring sensation in my ear and my head is doing this whump whump thing. This is combined with nausea. I have lost a lot of weight although I really try to eat, I have no appetite. I have told the Dr. all of this. Where do I turn? What else can I do? I am scared.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning and hoping for a better New Year.

    I think you need a new doctor. One that assesses all the avenues of this disease. Have you* been getting knowlegable? There are many books out Dr P here wrote a few and the one I use that I probably told you about....FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain a survival manual, by Dr Devin Starlanyl.

    Our pain is never *gone. It is turned down by the things we do. You sound so out of tune.....that sensation in you head is something I know. When my scalene muscles are so tight ( not tight that I am choking) but they are putting pressure on the greater vessels in your neck.....and you get that feeling and sound.

    The other is that you might have a high B/P going on. Pain can increase B/P alone without any genetic or salt load tendencies. The whump whump is your heartbeats flow near your ears....

    To hear that a doctor started* with MSo4 as your first med for pain, is sad to me. Where do you go from that if you start almost to the top of pain management? I started with Motrin and have moved to Tramadol and have stayed there....also using Valium 5mg when the muscle spasm is so bad....

    Now this is me, I am not saying anything negative here for you...Just the reality of where do you go if you don't try all the tools and non medical things.....along with supplements and then a desenstitizer.....(SSRI, SNRI and the pain meds) We are all in different stages of disrepair and the best you can get your body in alignment will be the best you can feel.

    That physiatrist I paid so much for...I did everything he said...and it took weeks before I began to feel a change with his therapy. he said it takes 60 days to change your body chemistry...what ever you do today that is right will something wrong in the day and you start at day ONE again!

    He was took that long to change and hydrate myself. It was the first time I could stretch out my muscles...I always laughed when they all said stretch and I knew the muscles wouldn't do it. I knew my body was abused and a mess and now I was paying. So eachday I try and do only good for me. I am the only one in control of me.....I only drink water. One cup of coffee in the morning and that is it.

    To answer the questions on trigger point injections, you can You Tube it...but it is many thin needles deep into the trigger zone to release the knot (congested fibers). I get a twitch and release effect to most in the upper shoulder girdle and neck. IT IS PAINFUL as a therapy but in 3 days I am up and functioning so much better.

    First sessions were 60 injections man it was tough, my husband was there for those. This new doc, as mine retired is more 20 injections unless I point to an area. My husband will examine me and mark me with a pen so the session goes faster at times.

    It is like accupuncture but DEEPER and not for the faint of heart. But it so works for me. So many years of lifting patients at chest height has made the upper structure of my body a mess.

    I wish you all the best and I forgot about that conversation I had with you on the nerve block....(foggy). I would love to see you get the books and seek out new tools to help yourself. That doc used to say too....DON'T GET SAD...GET MAD. He felt that mad got you motivated!

    All my best, Nancy B
    booch007 responded:
    Crystal I was just rereading after I posted...

    Please don't be scared (it increases pain perception)......I really want you to try and get MAD like my doc taught me. Fight this damn thing...don't let it eat you up and take your life.

    Get educated and start trying the tools you learn. get a journal and write down what is working and what is not......the trial and error part to this disease is long and arduos BUT it is a path oyu must take.

    None of us are the same and we all do things just a bit different to get some relief. Most of us don't sit down and TAKE IT...we FIGHT IT.

    This will not kill you or mame you....but this devil will steal your life if you let it. Get motivated here to make this YOUR BEST YEAR.....MAKE THIS YOUR YEAR...reclaim some of yourself back! I know you were active and vibrant and did alot before this happened. We all seem to be the type A people who "broke" after doing it all! This being another hurdle to get through : Accepting the new you*.

    I hate that I have this everyday and that I wake up just were was the day before like "groundhog day" No matter how good I was or headway i made the day before............IT IS what it IS.

    Here is hoping this year brings us some magical answer to alleive so much of the pain and dysfunction we have.

    Hugs from me, NancyB
    squarley replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy want to thank you you are all ways help full to every one, an what you said about the feeling like ground hog day every day hit home, I get up every day sick to stomach, pain all over ear sounds ,headache and may get better by taking it easy but the next day I star all over, may this year get better for every one and pace pace pace every one,and thanks to all who reach out to us who need support,your all in my prays, Squarley

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