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Wanted to share ****O/T (off topic) Did you know?
dollbug posted:
So what were the kinds of jobs most likely to attract psychopaths, and those least likely?

Highest Rates of Psychopathy:

1. CEO
2. Lawyer
3. Media
4. Salesperson
5. Surgeon
6. Journalist
7. Police Officer
8. Clergy person
9. Chef
10. Civil Servant

Lowest Rates of Psychopathy:

1. Care Aide
2. Nurse
3. Therapist
4. Craftsperson
5. Beautician/Stylist
6. Charity Worker
7. Teacher
8. Creative Artist
9. Doctor
10. Accountant

My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
Alright you...what brought this up and where did you get it. I do have to say a few on the top list do get crazy in their there should be they are weird bunch...

Cops get the gun syndrome and power to the head...same for lawyers who PLAY with the law all the time..CEO's untouchable at their pay scales..

Sugeons are god's as a rule too. Their complex comes from fix and release...where in medicine it is less a win win thing and spirit and hope play a role in better, not just a pill.

Salesperson?? That is scary...

I won't ask for help anymore in the store!

Chef...Hmmm power of the BIG KNIVES they use...watching celebrity chef and those trying to win a prize and how cruel some can be...maybe this is true...

Let me add congressmen in there !! This speaker of the house if he is not an alcoholic and a power monger I don't know who is. But the other side of the coin are you hated by so many and not drink! All mankind want to be excepted and liked*.

OK. That is my spin on this........

You are a charecter Mimi..............thanks for the thread on this, got my brain thinking. Hugs, Nancy B
dollbug replied to booch007's response:
Hello Nana B....I saw this on AOL the morning I posted it....I was afraid that it would get gone...this just goes to say.....WHO DO WE TRUST? I thought it was actually very interestingm especially the lawyer and police officer....I guess this is why it actually caught my attention.

I also feel as though that things happen for a reason....and this goes for almost anything and everything. Sometimes we never know WHY something is *thrown in our laps, so to speak*....and sometimes, some people figure it out. As you might remember I have been through a *tough time* (not exactly my choice of words here) the past few years...things just kept happening to my family....actually to my 2 children...very odd and strange things at that. now my daughter has taken everything we had and put things in order and I was actually quite *shocked at what all of it revealed* turned out to be quite interesting and yes, I do think that there was a *reason* for all of this.

I do want to say though that I agree....*congressmen* should be on top right before CEO. Perhaps they are included in *civil servant*....I actually made a comment online the other day and referred to Washington leaders....someone replied that we no longer have Washington leaders....I tend to agree. AMERICA has turned into a *political arena*....not exactly what a nation should be.

Nana B....I do hope you are feeling better.

Take care and have a good week-end.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 replied to dollbug's response:
Feeling great now after the BIG session of shots. Back burning and pain disappeared right after I stood up from the chair and back popped as the muscle relaxed and stopped pulling on the spine!!

I love to hate my shots!!

I know all you have gone through and NO one should have to be put through that.

I hug you from here and hopes you January is going well.

I am a new person, well back to my OLD self! What I tried to accomplish for the holiday just KILLED me and God bless my doc as she gave me her lunch window to put me back together.

Kills me to see I really have this forever. Today I am on the diet and starting now an exercise routine and WILL win for spring.I have a big raised garden to put together (with a helper ) and WILL DO IT. Fresh foods from my house is the future here.....I am getting distrustful of all the stuff we eat, I am going as natural as I can........

OK really O/T.....good day to you buddy, Nancy B

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